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Monday, 28 December 2015

How a Restaurant Captures Customers' Emails

Both SMS Marketing and Email Marketing should be synonymous and come together like bread and butter. Customers should be given options to consider when choosing their preferred choice to be notified of any offers or promotions your business can offer them. Here is a brief example of how a restaurant uses SMS to capture customer's email addresses.

First, having customers physically write down on a paper form or have them go to a website to fill out a subscription form sounds like a big hassle. Yes there are alternative ways such as scanning a QR code, but there is an even easier alternative. All the customer has to do is submit a text message containing a keyword and email to a short-code and the server would respond to their email indicating subscription has already been confirmed! 

This beats having additional data entry work with manual paper responses, and reduces the additional steps required by the customer to go to the website and fill up a subscription form. Everything can be done straight from their mobile phone with a  simple text message.

This suggestion is not exclusive on its own that is why options should be provided as different customers have different preferences and that is why both SMS Marketing and Email Marketing work in pairs, just like bread and butter.

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