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Friday, 20 April 2018

5 Creative Content Ideas You'll Want for Your Ecommerce Website

There's so much more needed in today's world than just a picture and a description to sell products. Gone were the days where having just plainly stated information would drive customers to purchase from you. Now it's important to sell a lifestyle, and that means bigger, better more demanding content is needed to engage with customers. There's an influx of content in the world today and even more effort is required to stand-out from the sea of content and to grab any customers attention.

If you are not sure what is a stand-out from the sea of content type of content is or how you can use creative content in your Ecommerce website, below are some stellar ideas for you that you can bet your efforts on.

Here's a list of content ideas that will help your Ecommerce website:

1) Expert Advice

Having a lifestyle blog doesn't work out to be a deal breaker for some businesses and this business example shows this. They have managed to subtly built this content into their shopping experience.

The company sorts its products by type of outing, and includes expert advice on each product as a resource in the dropdown menu. They're making sure you learn as you buy. They're making sure you know how-to use the product and even which shoes are best recommended for whichever adventure you are embarking on next.

2) User-Made Instagram Posts

Social media is now apart of our everyday lives and the buying influence it has on customers is real. That's why some companies are taking it to the next level by having users share their personal experiences and lives when using target products. It's a social proof for customers who are looking at that "Insta" moment and prompting further conversation about the product that they are having an experience with.

3) User-Made Video Content

This is a unique feature, and is dependent on the lifestyle direction of the product. Some companies take this really well and they're users embody the lifestyle of the product and love to share experiences with everyone. You can consider republishing video content that has been submitted by your fans to your official YouTube channel.

4) Musical Influencers

Back in school, having a band was a cool thing. Even now for some people who aren't in school music is still a universal language. If you pair your brand with local artists and they give you a thumbs up saying your brand is cool in my book. There is a great emphasis on the credibility of your brand and that's hard to ignore with their fans and for your customers too.

5) Buying Guides - Product Tutorials

Have a complicated product? Allow your users to start with a tech tutorial before entering the actual product purchasing page. You can do this by carefully and gradually placing well-planned call-to-actions throughout each web guide, so users are prompted to purchase when they are ready to do so.


Not all of these content ideas might work for your ecommerce. If there were some of these content ideas that would work for you, which worked and we'd love to know what brings you results, do let us know in the comments below.

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