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Thursday, 3 May 2018

How Choosing The Right Web Hosting Helps Boost Your SEO

SEO is constantly evolving and it is getting increasingly difficult to maximize your SEO strategies. What used to work before aren't as effective as it is used to be. Search engines are getting smarter, and that says a lot. The details matter, a lot. A common detail that is often overlooked is the choice of your web host. 

In most discussions with SEO experts they often emphasize a few elements that search engines constantly look for. These elements are heavily influenced by the type of hosting you're using. A mediocre SEO affects your rankings on search and this leads to poorer inbound marketing ROI's. There's a lot on the line, and the impact of your website's SEO will depend on the size of your website and overall traffic levels. Your host could either be supporting or damaging your rankings.

Here are 4 Ways Your Web Host Affects Your Rankings

Here's a list of some of the elements that are affecting your SEO.

1) Data Loss

This is crucial. It isn't anyones' favorite and just the thought of it drives anyone crazy. However, there's a chance (however small it may be) that your website will face a disaster. Whether it's a hack or a catastrophe with your host's datacenter, or an accidental deletion of code during a scheduled maintenance; anything can happen.

Having a reliable hosting partner ensures that your website is always backed up. And will help you quickly recover from any of the above mentioned scenarios.

2) Site Speed (*This is a Ranking Factor)

This is IMPORTANT. The faster any website loads the better the tendency for you to load higher on any search engine. It's one of the many criteria that helps with SEO. If you have already invested into having your SEO done right, boosting your site speed could lead to an improvement of your rankings.

Having a slow host leads to a poor user experience. A poor user experience means poorer metrics. This then leads to unwanted results pushing your rankings down.

3) Uptime Matters

No host can guarantee a 100% uptime. This means that your website is down more often than it should be. Learn more about EVERWORKS 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Having your website down when customers are curious about you could lose you valuable screen time. Losing a prospects interest could lead to them never to come back to learn more about your business and in turn loses you an opportunity to conduct business with them.

4) Server location and performance

Although much of the services sold online are not physical in nature, it is important to know the location of your physical server. The physical location of your server directly affects the speed of your website. The farther your visitors are from your physical location the slower your website will load.

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