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Friday 23 November 2012

Migration for DiGi's Gateway with Double Opt-In features POSTPONED!

Due to DiGi is facing some internal issue now, the migration of EVERWORKS short codes for DiGi's Gateway with Double Opt-In features is postponed until further notice! We will keep you update once the migration date is confirmed!

Well, many of us might still don't know what is this term "Double Opt-In" stands for and why it is so important. Let's have a some brief here:

"Double Opt-In" is the term initially used in the email marketing environment, a user has subscribed for a newsletter or other email marketing messages by explicitly requesting it and confirming the email address to be his/her own. This is usually done by responding to a confirmation email sent to the email address in question.
This eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits somebody else's email address without their knowledge and against their will.

When put this term in the SMS content environment, for all the acquisitions or subscriptions of mobile content services, all mobile content services providers shall send a SMS to the acquirer or subscriber, requesting the acquirer or subscriber to confirm his/her request. This action is hereafter referred to as Double Opt-In or Double Confirmation.
This action is so important to make sure the user is clear about his/her acquisitions or subscriptions in term of the content charges, frequency of delivery, termination info, etc.; and this action will further eliminate the complaints and arguments from the users about the unsolicited SMS content as all the relevant info are cleared stated before the actual content is delivering over to the users.

FYI, SMS Double Opt-In process has been implemented in some major Telcos in other countries such as USA, UK, Indonesia, China, etc. for years. In Malaysia, this going to be implemented soon in the near future. So, be prepared and happy SMSing!

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Any Idea what is SSL Certification, and why now only Facebook decide to deploy it after so long?

Recently, Facebook has already announced to implement SSL into the world largest social media portal - Facebook.com! When you’re dealing with 1 billion people’s personal info, security is definitely important! Of course, the challenge to upgrade the existing datacenter and bandwidth infrastructure is so important! That is why, Facebook has spent two years in making this happened before the transition to HTTPS network. Meaning to say, without a good network and bandwidth, implementation of SSL may affect to your business! Haha! That's why EVERWORKS is here for this business!

Guys, wait, wait, wait.... Any idea what is SSL? What is HTTPS? If you are not too sure about all these things, and how all these thing works, please follow to the article below! Of course, we promised only easy to understand write up here! 

What is SSL Certification?
'SSL' stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is the standard means of exchanging encrypted data across the Internet. The most common of use of SSL is for securing credit card data during your online shopping. If you are experienced to buy something on the Internet and used a credit card to pay for before, then you were using SSL to complete the transaction.

How it works? 

When SSL is being used, the address in the browser will change from “http:” to “https:” Additionally many browsers use some sort of icon to indicate that the site is secure, for example a closed padlock. SSL works by the use of encryption keys. When a browser requests a secure connection, it will send a list of supported ciphers. The server will choose the strongest cipher available, and return this to the browser. The server will then send a digital certificate. This certificate contains the name of the server, the name of the certificate authority and a public encryption key. The browser will then generate a random number with the public encryption key, and return this to the server. The server will decode this using its private key – since the server is the only one with this private key; this is how SSL to ensures the security of the transaction. Finally, the server and browser can then establish a secure connection, and private information can then be exchanged.

Nowadays, all Internet browsers are now supporting and compatible to most of SSL certification! In the event if your browser is too old or not compatible with the server's SSL certification, you may see some warning message prompt for further double confirm before entering to the HTTPS site.

When do I need? 
Still the the biggest question is whether you need SSL capabilities or not on your web site, and it is depending on the type of website you are running now. For a personal web page, or non-interactive website, a small site for some restaurant then you will probably do not need this. However, if you are planning to run some E-Commerce website then you are definitely need it to protect your buyers' data during the transaction on your website. Nowadays, if any users who are able to differential the different between HTTP and HTTPS, then I guess they will not buy anything in your website.

Where can I get the certification? 
In order to offer SSL transactions you will need to offer a digital certificate. Most of the web hosting companies such as EVERWORKS.com is able to provide the some shared SSL facilities, or install or configure your own SSL certification into your servers. Of To obtain a digital certificate of your own you need to get this from some certificate companies such as Verisign, Tucows and GoDaddy amongst others.

Any requirement to get this?  
In order to apply for your own SSL certification, you are required some supportive documents about your company or website, as well as some proof of your ownership. This maybe some standard procedure for most of the certificate companies. The other requirement for offering SSL transactions is that you will need to have a static IP or fixed IP address for your website.

Sunday 18 November 2012

FULL List of Domain Extension for Each Country!

Map for Domain Extension
Guys, as we know our next sales is related to Domain Names. Hence, we would like to share some very useful and good information about domain names. Sometime, you may seen some very funny domain name extension such as EC (for Ecuador), UY (for Uruguay) and etc. But how many of us really can differential to each of these country extensions for each different country! 

So, let's me share you guys something today - Domain Extension for Each CountryMost countries throughout the world have a unique domain name extension for their country. Hope all these information maybe sufficient for you one day! 

"Sharing is caring, share this page if you think is important to keep for future reference!"

Below is a list of all known country-specific domain extensions:
  1. AD   Andorra
  2. AE   United Arab Emirates
  3. AF   Afghanistan
  4. AG   Antigua and Barbuda
  5. AI   Anguilla
  6. AL   Albania
  7. AM   Armenia
  8. AN   Netherlands Antilles
  9. AO   Angola
  10. AQ   Antarctica
  11. AR   Argentina
  12. AS   American Samoa
  13. AT   Austria
  14. AU   Australia
  15. AW   Aruba
  16. AX   Aland Islands
  17. AZ   Azerbaijan
  18. BA   Bosnia and Herzegovina
  19. BB   Barbados
  20. BD   Bangladesh
  21. BE   Belgium
  22. BF   Burkina Faso
  23. BG   Bulgaria
  24. BH   Bahrain
  25. BI   Burundi
  26. BJ   Benin
  27. BM   Bermuda
  28. BN   Brunei Darussalam
  29. BO   Bolivia
  30. BR   Brazil
  31. BS   Bahamas
  32. BT   Bhutan
  33. BV   Bouvet Island
  34. BW   Botswana
  35. BY   Belarus
  36. BZ   Belize
  37. CA   Canada
  38. CC   Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  39. CD   Democratic Republic of the Congo
  40. CF   Central African Republic
  41. CG   Congo
  42. CH   Switzerland
  43. CI   Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  44. CK   Cook Islands
  45. CL   Chile
  46. CM   Cameroon
  47. CN   China
  48. CO   Colombia
  49. CR   Costa Rica
  50. CS   Serbia and Montenegro
  51. CU   Cuba
  52. CV   Cape Verde
  53. CX   Christmas Island
  54. CY   Cyprus
  55. CZ   Czech Republic
  56. DE   Germany
  57. DJ   Djibouti
  58. DK   Denmark
  59. DM   Dominica
  60. DO   Dominican Republic
  61. DZ   Algeria
  62. EC   Ecuador
  63. EE   Estonia
  64. EG   Egypt
  65. EH   Western Sahara
  66. ER   Eritrea
  67. ES   Spain
  68. ET   Ethiopia
  69. FI   Finland
  70. FJ   Fiji
  71. FK   Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
  72. FM   Federated States of Micronesia
  73. FO   Faroe Islands
  74. FR   France
  75. FX   France, Metropolitan
  76. GA   Gabon
  77. GB   Great Britain (UK)
  78. GD   Grenada
  79. GE   Georgia
  80. GF   French Guiana
  81. GH   Ghana
  82. GI   Gibraltar
  83. GL   Greenland
  84. GM   Gambia
  85. GN   Guinea
  86. GP   Guadeloupe
  87. GQ   Equatorial Guinea
  88. GR   Greece
  89. GS   S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Islands
  90. GT   Guatemala
  91. GU   Guam
  92. GW   Guinea-Bissau
  93. GY   Guyana
  94. HK   Hong Kong
  95. HM   Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  96. HN   Honduras
  97. HR   Croatia (Hrvatska)
  98. HT   Haiti
  99. HU   Hungary
  100. ID   Indonesia
  101. IE   Ireland
  102. IL   Israel
  103. IN   India
  104. IO   British Indian Ocean Territory
  105. IQ   Iraq
  106. IR   Iran
  107. IS   Iceland
  108. IT   Italy
  109. JM   Jamaica
  110. JO   Jordan
  111. JP   Japan
  112. KE   Kenya
  113. KG   Kyrgyzstan
  114. KH   Cambodia
  115. KI   Kiribati
  116. KM   Comoros
  117. KN   Saint Kitts and Nevis
  118. KP   Korea (North)
  119. KR   Korea (South)
  120. KW   Kuwait
  121. KY   Cayman Islands
  122. KZ   Kazakhstan
  123. LA   Laos
  124. LB   Lebanon
  125. LC   Saint Lucia
  126. LI   Liechtenstein
  127. LK   Sri Lanka
  128. LR   Liberia
  129. LS   Lesotho
  130. LT   Lithuania
  131. LU   Luxembourg
  132. LV   Latvia
  133. LY   Libya
  134. MA   Morocco
  135. MC   Monaco
  136. MD   Moldova
  137. MG   Madagascar
  138. MH   Marshall Islands
  139. MK   Macedonia
  140. ML   Mali
  141. MM   Myanmar
  142. MN   Mongolia
  143. MO   Macao
  144. MP   Northern Mariana Islands
  145. MQ   Martinique
  146. MR   Mauritania
  147. MS   Montserrat
  148. MT   Malta
  149. MU   Mauritius
  150. MV   Maldives
  151. MW   Malawi
  152. MX   Mexico
  153. MY   Malaysia
  154. MZ   Mozambique
  155. NA   Namibia
  156. NC   New Caledonia
  157. NE   Niger
  158. NF   Norfolk Island
  159. NG   Nigeria
  160. NI   Nicaragua
  161. NL   Netherlands
  162. NO   Norway
  163. NP   Nepal
  164. NR   Nauru
  165. NU   Niue
  166. NZ   New Zealand (Aotearoa)
  167. OM   Oman
  168. PA   Panama
  169. PE   Peru
  170. PF   French Polynesia
  171. PG   Papua New Guinea
  172. PH   Philippines
  173. PK   Pakistan
  174. PL   Poland
  175. PM   Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  176. PN   Pitcairn
  177. PR   Puerto Rico
  178. PS   Palestinian Territory
  179. PT   Portugal
  180. PW   Palau
  181. PY   Paraguay
  182. QA   Qatar
  183. RE   Reunion
  184. RO   Romania
  185. RU   Russian Federation
  186. RW   Rwanda
  187. SA   Saudi Arabia
  188. SB   Solomon Islands
  189. SC   Seychelles
  190. SD   Sudan
  191. SE   Sweden
  192. SG   Singapore
  193. SH   Saint Helena
  194. SI   Slovenia
  195. SJ   Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  196. SK   Slovakia
  197. SL   Sierra Leone
  198. SM   San Marino
  199. SN   Senegal
  200. SO   Somalia
  201. SR   Suriname
  202. ST   Sao Tome and Principe
  203. SU   USSR (former)
  204. SV   El Salvador
  205. SY   Syria
  206. SZ   Swaziland
  207. TC   Turks and Caicos Islands
  208. TD   Chad
  209. TF   French Southern Territories
  210. TG   Togo
  211. TH   Thailand
  212. TJ   Tajikistan
  213. TK   Tokelau
  214. TL   Timor-Leste
  215. TM   Turkmenistan
  216. TN   Tunisia
  217. TO   Tonga
  218. TP   East Timor
  219. TR   Turkey
  220. TT   Trinidad and Tobago
  221. TV   Tuvalu
  222. TW   Taiwan
  223. TZ   Tanzania
  224. UA   Ukraine
  225. UG   Uganda
  226. UK   United Kingdom
  227. UM   United States Minor Outlying Islands
  228. US   United States
  229. UY   Uruguay
  230. UZ   Uzbekistan
  231. VA   Vatican City State (Holy See)
  232. VC   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  233. VE   Venezuela
  234. VG   Virgin Islands (British)
  235. VI   Virgin Islands (U.S.)
  236. VN   Viet Nam
  237. VU   Vanuatu
  238. WF   Wallis and Futuna
  239. WS   Samoa
  240. YE   Yemen
  241. YT   Mayotte
  242. YU   Yugoslavia (former)
  243. ZA   South Africa
  244. ZM   Zambia
  245. ZR   Zaire (former)
  246. ZW   Zimbabwe
  247. BIZ   Business
  248. COM   Commercial
  249. EDU   US Educational
  250. GOV   US Government
  251. INT   International
  252. MIL   US Military
  253. NET   Network
  254. ORG   Nonprofit Organization
  255. PRO   Professional Services
  256. AERO   Aeronautic
  257. ARPA   Arpanet Technical Infrastructure
  258. COOP   Cooperative
  259. INFO   Info Domain
  260. NAME   Personal Name
  261. NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Stay Tuned with EVERWORKS To Grab this Greatest .MY Domain Promotion!

Are you in the planning to get you or your company a domain name? Good news if your answer is YES! Because MYNIC is going to launch their YES (Year End Sales) too :) 

Please stay tuned with EVERWORKS, and we will launching our .my domain promotion very soon! While waiting for this great promotion, we would like share some 'TIPS' when selecting your domain names.

Domain Selection Tips
A domain name is the foundation for any business to create a web presence on the Internet. When choosing a domain name, the most important point to note is the shorter the name, the better. The selected domain name should reflect family name for personal use, interest for activities and groups or business for identity, products and services.

The domain name chosen should be easy to remember and easy to type without making mistakes. A domain name always has two or more parts separated by dots. Choosing the right domain name will portray your business identity, nature and ease of recognition. The domain name is then followed by a three letter or more suffix. 

Where to Check Available Domain? 

The easiest and fastest way is to visit www.everworks.com / http://www.everworks.com.my/domain.aspx and search through the Domain Checker! Also, feel free to visit the Domain Principle site, MYNIC at http://www.mynic.my and you may see their domain checker engine on the main page! 

What is the Maximum or Retail Price for .MY Domain Names? 

Basically, there is some guideline for .MY domain names in the market which has been ruled out by MYNIC. You may refer to the table below here: 

Migration Date is Confirmed for DiGi's Gateway with Double Opt-In features!

Recently, DiGi has recalled to continue the previous pending migration for our short code connection to DiGi. After some email confirmation with our dedicated engineer, we have finally confirmed on the migration date for this CPA Service Subscription and Double Confirmation (which is a new MCMC requirements) features! 

Our migration date has been confirmed on this coming 21th November 2012 , 12.00 am! The affected short code included 32886, 33886, 36886, 39886, 378886, and 33881. Hence, please be advised that do not conduct any SMS campaign for both Premium and Bulk SMS over our DiGi connectivity during this period of time! Our Business Manager will keep all our merchants updated for this migration once done.

Basically, as per our understanding with DiGi, this is only the pre-migration requested by DiGi, and it doesn't mean EVERWORKS's short codes are immediately compliance to this requirement once migration is done. But this is like to GET READY for us, and DiGi can 'Turn-On' this feature anytime they want once the migration is done! According to conversant email history, we have started the discussion with DiGi over this migration since February 29, 2012 (which as already 8 months ago). 

As you see from the attached email image, DiGi engineer is asking for all existing keywords to integrate into their new gateway system, mean DiGi's gateway is very much similar to what Maxis and Celcom is using. Of course, the worry part for us and our merchants are - to implement the 'Monthly Keyword Fee'; another small issue is asking for keyword registration for every new keyword in the future (which is similar to what Maxis and Celcom is doing now). I think the worry part for the industry is the keyword fee. Imagine the cost to maintain a keyword with 3 of the Telcos (but nothing much we can do, as our business is still relaying on them. Another word, they are our real 'Boss' - LOL!)

Saturday 17 November 2012

Kuala Lumpur: MCMC, "Suspension of all Types of Shortcode for Promotional and Marketing Messages"

Dear all EVERWORKS's Mobile merchants, as all of us are aware, MCMC has recently circulated a letter dated 9th November 2012 which has been faxed to most of the members on the 12th November 2012 pertaining to the suspension of all types of short codes in broadcasting Promotional and Marketing Messages.

As for today, we have received some confirmation from a few relevant parties, business partner as well as the MMCP (The Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association) before making any formal announcement to our existing merchants and corporate clients who are using our Bulk SMS service for their promotion and advertisement.  

In conclusion, this letter only addresses the promotion of any Shortcodes 2xxxx, 3xxxx and any other Telco Branded Short Codes through the Bulk SMS Platform, which includes 3xxxx, 6xxxx and any Alpha-Numeric Sender-ID which includes the Telco Branded ones such as CelcomXtra, CelcomOffer or any other similar ones. 

Also, this letter does not affect all existing Bulk SMS sent for Corporate Clients which provides legitimate business advertising or promotion, mostly tied up to their own programs.

Of course, this is only the first step of what MCMC has implemented over to Malaysia's Messaging industry, and we are expecting some more rules and regulations will be implementing soon! 

As we know, MCMC has actually appointed KPMG (Singapore branch) in doing the market audit for MCMC before deciding on the future regulation for this market. Just to share a bit here, this group of auditor from KPMG is actually the same group of people who did for Indonesian market previously. Hence, we are strongly believe that MCMC has some very serious plan behind this audition. 

As per today (16th Nov 2012), we have officially sent out our internal notice to all our existing CP, merchants, and corporate clients pertaining to this issues, and has seriously warn all our existing clients to follow exactly what MCMC required the market to do! 

I have also attached the letter here for more information: