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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Industry Secrets Revealed: Mobile Originated vs Mobile Terminated

MO and MT are frequent terms that you may come across when dealing with EVERWORKS SMS Delivery Gateway. These two jargon terms sound complicated when they really are not! MO standards for Mobile Originated are messages 'originating' from the user's mobile phone. Where as Mobile Terminated which means messages get terminated on the phone. 

MO and MT are frequent terms used by mobile marketing and sms service providers to identify the different requirements and function of each point of action. Think of it simply as a flow chart where there is a point of inquiry and there is a final response.

Firstly, MO simply means user-initiated response from his/her own mobile phone. They usually send in a text word(s) which form the keyword so that the system can identify and respond to the inquiry. This keyword is only just a command instruction partnered with a short-code to help the server respond with to display the information requested for. 

For example: "mobile" is the keyword sent to the short-code "33886" would query a response from the server to sent information relevant to both the "mobile" keyword and short-code "33886".

Secondly, MT simply means the point where after receiving instruction from the MO will display the relevant information for the inquirer.

The command received from the MO's earlier keyword and short-code would generate a response from the server, which would be terminated on the user's mobile phone (terminated messages does not imply messages that stop an action, but instead it means the final point of destination the message is intended to reach). 

For example: after a user has sent an MO containing both the keyword "mobile" and the short-code "333-888" the server would respond to send "sms delivery gateway services special offer 40% discount for bulk orders over RM xx", representing the MT displayed on the user's mobile phone.

With a 140% mobile phone penetration rate in Malaysia there is ever growing opportunity to reach new customers, existing customers, or respond interactively with field employees and more (Source: eCommerce Milo).

Multiple uses of mobile marketing can be employed to generate a user response and initiate pre-sales and post-sales customer service and provide a response to a potential customer demand. 

Wednesday 20 March 2019

You're Missing Out on This Trick Where Customers Are 82.4% More Likely to Shop

A recent survey done by Technology Advice show results to the power and results of consumer loyalty programs.

Respondents said that they would be 82.4% "more likely" to shop at stores that offered loyalty programs, compared to 17.6% of respondents who are "less likely" to do so.

Businesses that ignore this may in turn forfeit on this consumer demographic. 

Although card-based loyalty programs are the tried-and-true marketing tactic that have been around for years, there has been a sudden shift in industry indicating a transformation to meet the digital age and rise of smartphones.

Malaysia has seen a strong 140% mobile phone penetration rate and this gives opportunity to further distribute a cost-effective multi-channel marketing program through SMS Delivery

The survey further adds that based on the responses that were collected and analyzed consumers are not only open to, but welcoming of such efforts. While consumers remain uncertain of fully-digital reward programs (decidedly against social rewards), but there is a widespread desire for both smartphone apps and exclusive incentives.

How to take advantage of SMS Delivery to monetize on this opportunity?

Exclusive incentive as mentioned above is one of many innovative measures that your business could undertake to further provide incentives to consumers to participate actively with a responsive business that makes effort to provide to loyal customers rewards.

Take advantage of exclusive access to VIP Status instant notification feature

Consumers desire VIP status perks more so than social-based-rewards.

This can be very encouraging for businesses which have already installed loyalty programs based around rewards and perks. There is an incentive to save money overall, but they show strong preference for VIP-style incentives, and given the data according to Technology Advice businesses should consider a "tiered" or level-based system.

Are you looking to add an SMS Delivery option for your business? Feel free to visit EVERWORKS SMS Delivery for more options.

For more information about the survey referenced above please visit here.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Don't Lose Customers With This Secret Method From Uber


Uber has generated a lot of media attention of late and it seems to be a growing trend to have almost everyone using the Uber mobile app to move around the city. In some cities like Seattle you can order lunch from within the Uber app.

This was all good until the company realized that there was a big problem for its ever popular feature UberEATS as there is a large group of people that ordered food from outside of the app and with every meal that isn't being on the app represents lost opportunity for the company. 

Solution to the problem

The solution... SMS Marketing! Uber sends text messages to users that have opted-in not only to remind them that the app is on their mobile device, but to also let them know what is on the menu for the day. The SMS Marketing campaign started when Uber prompted its users to subscribe via text message.

Character limitation isn't the end of the world

Although it is widely known that an SMS message, which is limited to 160 characters of text (including hyperlinks) gives the sender a limitation to what can be sent. This problem can be solved by sending messages through MMS marketing by including an image as part of the message sent.

Alternative to Uber: Peach Case Study

The likelihood of implementing an application that has steep initial cost requirements can be a major stumbling block for the majority of small and medium firms in Malaysia, but there is a way to overcome this. 

For example: Peach (a restaurant also in Seattle) uses MMS, but unlike UberEATS where you click through to open the app and place your order, Peach allows you to simply reply "YES" (a MO Keyword) via text message to place your oder. Included in the message is a link that shows more information about the dish prompting the user to proceed to the mobile web to find out more.


It is increasingly common for mobile apps to use text message marketing to increase app downloads, especially when there is a 92% conversion rate, it is rare to see text message marketing used to keep users engaged outside of the app. This could be a "break the status quo" innovation in exploring different communication channels that would best serve your businesses consumer demographic needs. 

Start your Mobile Marketing campaign now with EVERWORKS SMS services.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

The Ultimate Explosive Guide for Small Business Marketing in Malaysia

This is big news for you as a small business owner in Malaysia. The Internet is the number 1 place customers turn to before making any purchase.

This is important to digest, regardless whether you're in the process of launching a new startup in Malaysia or have an existing business thinking of venturing online, having a strong online presence is important.

There is a collective understanding and awareness that brand development and digital marketing is important. However, measurability of ROI is always the major hurdle that most small business owners in Malaysia struggle to get past.

The most common and frequently asked question that's raised amongst the business owners in Malaysia we meet is; Is there a way for business owners to track ROI?

Just to get this done and dusted from the very beginning. As long as your small business does not appear on the 1st page of search, 90% of searchers won't find you. And to ensure that your efforts online do not go to waste, there's some groundwork that needs to be done (including the dreaded topic of SEO and keyword research).

Local businesses, need to constantly monitor that they have their information always up-to-date and readily available when potential clients were to search for them. For example, new phone numbers, store operating hours, new locations, etc.

Below we'll help you cover the basics, and intricate details to guide you in getting started on Marketing on the Internet, to benefit from visitors searching for products and services online.

Questions this article will answer are:

  1. How can I make a website, with no coding experience and with little budget?
  2. Is there a reason why my website isn't appearing on Google?
  3. What is blogging and why does it matter?
  4. Why do I need social accounts?
  5. How do I get more traffic to my website?

Let's start ...

The core of small business marketing in Malaysia

3, 2, 1 ... Your business has been established. You've filled up the necessary paperworks and understand that the most important things you'll need to begin leveraging your marketing online is by acquiring new customers from organic search.

Also, compiled below are some great suggestions of FREE apps for your startup / small business ~

1. How can I make a website (with no coding experience and with little budget)?

A website now is equivalent to your shopfront. And any good first impression your small business can make is valuable.

Your website shows who you are, what you offer, where you are, and how a potential customer can get in touch with you.

The Internet has matured where services now cater for the DIY business owner (helps when you have a small budget). 

Popular suggestions from us:
  1. Website: Shopify.comwix.comsquarespace.com
  2. Website hosting: EverworksShinjuruExabytes
  3. Payment gateways: iPay88MOLPay

Most of these options come with pre-made website design templates for your website that you can either purchase or use for free.

For business owners with a small budget, opt for freelancers or agencies willing to bundle a package for you. Speak with a sales rep from Everworks to learn more about options available to you.

If time / computer technology do not work in your favor, consider using a freelancer or a small marketing agency which specializes in web design.

You can find freelancers here at Upwork / Freelancer

2. Is there a reason why my website isn't appearing on Google?

If you already have a business, try searching for yourself (product / services you offer).

One quick reason that can be commonly solved could be due to your hosting solution. Find out how choosing the best web host instantly improves your SEO here.

However, there are a lot of factors that affect your ranking on Google. Essentially, Google tries to find the best content to present to a person searching for a particular piece of information. 

For example, If I am looking for the best place to host a birthday party in KL, Google would want to present me with results of locations in KL that are available for me to host a birthday party.

And the most important factor is SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a technique to help your website rank better on Google making your website more visible to people who are looking to solve a particular question they have in mind. 

Simply, it is a method of structuring your website / blog posts to be in the best shape for appearing on the first page of search results.

The best way to take advantage of SEO is through your blog content. Content on your blog doesn't just help to inform and educate your buyers, but also it helps Google to match search words with relevant words in your blog post.

3. What is blogging and why does it matter?

As discussed above, blogging helps your website to appear on Google. Most importantly on the first page. Getting ranked No 1 is the ultimate goal.

Frequency and quality of content which appear to solve a searcher's queries is imperative. and a great way to do this through your blog.

To start a blog, you can use inexpensive options, and just to list a few suggestions: 

Once you start writing blog posts for your small business, you can add a call-to-action on your posts to encourage visitors to interact with your business.

A great way to capture new leads is by encouraging them to subscribe to newsletter updates through email. Learn more about how email is everyone's number 1 tool here (44x ROI for every $1 spent, this is a hidden secret that all small business owners should take advantage of). 

Great suggestions to email tools include: 

4. Why do I need social accounts?

Social is powerful. It helps you to increase traffic, improve your search rankings, and empowers your customers to engage / interact with you.

For your small business in Malaysia ensuring that you maintain current information online, only helps to encourage discoverability for your business.

Important social accounts your small business in Malaysia that can be claimed (for free): 

5. How do I get more traffic to my website?

Using the tools above to introduce your business, the advantages your product / service provides and retaining interest in your business if the need isn't present to purchase at this moment.

Step 1: Build content which provide value above and beyond to your potential customers.
Step 2: Share that value through social
Step 3: Retain interest through your email, because 72% of adults prefer communicating through email. Email converts, and here's a great resource on how to get started on your email marketing strategy
Step 4: Convert on your website

Persist in your discovery online to be discovered.

The road sounds long, but any steps you make will surely have an impact on your small business. Don't expect instant results, but demand consistent achievements. Blogging will take a few months to start sending you traffic, but paid social accounts can have immediate effects.

Congratulations on starting / updating your small business in Malaysia! Let us know if our tools above have helped you.