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Friday, 20 April 2018

5 Creative Content Ideas You'll Want for Your Ecommerce Website

There's so much more needed in today's world than just a picture and a description to sell products. Gone were the days where having just plainly stated information would drive customers to purchase from you. Now it's important to sell a lifestyle, and that means bigger, better more demanding content is needed to engage with customers. There's an influx of content in the world today and even more effort is required to stand-out from the sea of content and to grab any customers attention.

If you are not sure what is a stand-out from the sea of content type of content is or how you can use creative content in your Ecommerce website, below are some stellar ideas for you that you can bet your efforts on.

Here's a list of content ideas that will help your Ecommerce website:

1) Expert Advice

Having a lifestyle blog doesn't work out to be a deal breaker for some businesses and this business example shows this. They have managed to subtly built this content into their shopping experience.

The company sorts its products by type of outing, and includes expert advice on each product as a resource in the dropdown menu. They're making sure you learn as you buy. They're making sure you know how-to use the product and even which shoes are best recommended for whichever adventure you are embarking on next.

2) User-Made Instagram Posts

Social media is now apart of our everyday lives and the buying influence it has on customers is real. That's why some companies are taking it to the next level by having users share their personal experiences and lives when using target products. It's a social proof for customers who are looking at that "Insta" moment and prompting further conversation about the product that they are having an experience with.

3) User-Made Video Content

This is a unique feature, and is dependent on the lifestyle direction of the product. Some companies take this really well and they're users embody the lifestyle of the product and love to share experiences with everyone. You can consider republishing video content that has been submitted by your fans to your official YouTube channel.

4) Musical Influencers

Back in school, having a band was a cool thing. Even now for some people who aren't in school music is still a universal language. If you pair your brand with local artists and they give you a thumbs up saying your brand is cool in my book. There is a great emphasis on the credibility of your brand and that's hard to ignore with their fans and for your customers too.

5) Buying Guides - Product Tutorials

Have a complicated product? Allow your users to start with a tech tutorial before entering the actual product purchasing page. You can do this by carefully and gradually placing well-planned call-to-actions throughout each web guide, so users are prompted to purchase when they are ready to do so.


Not all of these content ideas might work for your ecommerce. If there were some of these content ideas that would work for you, which worked and we'd love to know what brings you results, do let us know in the comments below.

Have a business you'd like to get online? Learn more about how here.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Get To #1 on Google With These Tools

Getting #1 on Google should be every company's objective. It isn't a luxurious option anymore where businesses can opt-out of having a presence on Google.

3.5 billion searches are made on Google everyday. That statistic says it all, you should be on Google now.

Here's a list of tools which will help you to get to Number #1 on Google:

Helpful Google Marketing Tools for Business

1) Google My Business

Advertising on Google can be expensive, but as with most things in life there is way around spending expensive advertising dollars.

All you have to do is claim your Google My Business listing and your business will be featured in local business featured listings. This also includes a feature in Google Maps.

Best of all, unlike Google Adwords, none of those businesses paid any advertising dollars for their positions in these local results.

If you haven't already claimed your Google My Business listing, hurry on and claim yours now. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions and have Google send a postcard with a code to your business for you to verify your listing. Doing this automatically creates a Google+ Page for your business too.

2) Google+ Business Pages

Another free option is to create a free Google+ Business Page. Although, Google+ didn't pan out to have as much authority as it was once billed to be, and now with the +1s out of the search results, some may argue the importance of maintaining an active Google+ Business Page.

Even with little fanfare around Google+ Business Pages, it is a free listing place for local businesses that can improve search-ability on Google. It is after all built by Google and tied directly to your Google My Business Listing by default.

As part of the ever changing ever improving Google Search, an important factor is social and that leads the assumption that having a Google+ Business Page can only help to improve your content rank in Google Search.

3) Google Webmaster Tools

The previous 2 were great free tools to list your local business on Google Search and help to improve your search-ability on the Internet. However, how would you know if some of the activities you've undertaken is improving your content's rating to Google?

Although the algorithm is set to discover a set of words typed in a language humans understand, Google does require a set of architectural requirements to allow for its users to safely access your website and for Google to effectively and efficiently index your website.

Check the health of your website using Google Webmaster Tools. It's an account you can set up here which will alert you to any problems which may prevent your website from getting indexed (searched) by Google for it to display your content in search results. Also, this helps you to anlyze your existing search traffic so you can better understand how visitors are currently finding you.

4) Google Suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

Currently we are in the content age where users are looking for valuable content to help them with their day-to-day tasks or guides to problems so that they have an idea on how to solve them.

Some of the valuable content that users are looking for include:

  1. White Papers
  2. Ebooks
  3. Templates & Checklist Downloads

Great thing of building a library of these assets are that you can host and share them for free on Google Suites. Find out more about Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.

As with most recommendations online it is found that these contents are driving great results for link-building (an activity which increases your authority in the eyes of Google - in plain english: Google likes that your website is well cited by others and this means better rankings on Google).

5) Google AdWords Keyword Planner

When you're looking to give your organic SEO a boost, it's important that you do some research on your keywords first. Key research helps you to identify keywords to target as you're creating any content. Having this focus makes it easier for you to get found by the right searches.

Google provides a tool for you to help you plan for your AdWords campaigns, and can also help you to search for new keyword ideas and suggestions to help you with your organic keyword research planning. Do keep in mind that you will need to set up an AdWords account to use the Keyword Planner, but it does not mean you actually have to create an ad.

6) Google Trends

On top of the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends is a great tool for helping you with smarter keyword choices. Its an additional tool that will help you to evaluate the popularity of certain topics and compare them with other topics to analyze and compare which over time are popular and can be helpful in getting new keyword suggestions.

7) Google Analytics

You're making a valid effort in trying to drive users to your business online by employing various digital marketing strategies paired with some of the tools introduced in this blog. However there are some questions that you are asking yourself to know which of your activities is actually driving the best results?

Key questions such as how many of your website visitors are new compared to returning? How long are users actually spending on your website?

All these are important analytical questions that can be answered through Google Analytics. This is a free service, and it can give you great insight into your website traffic and help you understand how users are finding and navigating your website.


Not everyone needs every Google tool in this list, but it's important to have some of the basic products in your list, because when used the right way it can really help your business to become more efficient when communicating to your customers online.

Pair your marketing efforts with your website to drive valid user searches for the services you offer. Learn more about how EVERWORKS can help you here.

Friday, 30 March 2018

How You Can Be More Efficient With Email At Work

..Runs into the lift
..Rushes out to the door
beep..8:59am "phew, just on time"
Boots computer.. "first things first, gotta check email to see what's the status from Atikah and Wong"

This daily routine sounds familiar doesn't it? I'm attached to checking email constantly. This isn't surprising because email has been and continues to be the most popular form of communicating for businesses.

Times are changing, and there's an increasing amount of options for workplace communications options. Apps like Slack and Workplace by Facebook are changing the way for workplace communications. However, there are some that still prefer having a conversation in person, where apps like Skype help to streamline the distance gap.

Even with an increasing number of new technology, email isn't a thing of the past -- at least not yet --. Increasing options of communications is making it trickier to remember the right "etiquette" when emailing.

Email helps us to recap, reconcile and remember important conversations and helps to streamline when there's too much going on. Until a new more organised approach is introduced to the world and is universally accepted, email is staying, and that's why it's important to make effective use of email.

"Read on. Here's a quick and easy list of Do's and Don'ts to help you maintain effective use of email."

How to use your email in the workplace effectively

The Do's

1) Personalise

It's really important to personalize your emails, no one likes talking to a robot. You should come to realize that the person who is receiving your email is a real life human being, not a computer robot that is processing your request. Adding some personality to your email will make it easier for the person receiving it to relate better with your email's intended purpose.

2) Adapt

There's a saying that different people respond differently and these reactions are largely bound by the characteristics of the person. Here's an example, what if you sent a data focused email to someone who isn't motivated by data. This person receiving this email would not know how to adequately respond to your objective, because there's a disconnect. Learn to adapt your writing style, content body, etc. to the person receiving it. This will greatly increase your email's effectiveness.

3) Always check before clicking "send"

This should go without discussion, really. It's actually very shocking to receive an email that has not been checked. Spelling errors, and grammar mistakes are not game changers. However, if your email had been written in a manner you did not intend it to be and its been interpreted wrongly, this would demotivate the receiver from cooperating with your intentions.

4) Check your email on your own time

Like with most tasks, email shouldn't be treated any differently. Some emails are urgent and require immediate response. However, more often than not most emails can wait and I do encourage you to take the time to think carefully before responding.

5) Keep your inbox clean

It's shocking. How everyone is not making an effort to ensure that they're email inbox is sorted and kept tidy. I've witnessed the amount of wasted time anyone goes through when backtracking their email to search for urgent information. Here's how you can clean up the mess.


Email is still an important tool for business communication today. Take advantage of the sheer amount of email use everyday by implementing strategies to harness its wide user base. Learn more here.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year from EVERWORKS

Happy New Year from EVERWORKS!

Friday, 29 December 2017

5 Marketing Resolutions to Start the New Year Right

Its that time of year again, you're here probably because you are looking for new year resolutions for your marketing campaigns that you'd like to follow through on.

Take a second to think about what you've accomplished throughout this year and what you are going to resolve to accomplish this coming new year. Maybe you've thought of ways to better manage your time or come up with fun ideas for team outings.

1. Focus on mobile.

Mobile is huge period. This shouldn't be an option for Malaysian businesses anymore it should be a point of focus that is serious for businesses to consider.

2. Make your website responsive.

This shouldn't even be a topic of consideration, but with many Malaysian websites still old and not updated it is time that you consider updating your website and not leaving it untouched since the mid 90's

3. Adjust your social and email strategies to work with SMS

Social and the leverage of influencers are the buzz at the moment, be wise with your selection and choose one to prioritize on. The age of social is upon every business and it is going to stay. Keep up or lose out.

4. Take a look at your buyer personas.

All the resolutions in the world would not do you any good if you have not narrowed down your list of potential buyers. You can send them mix messages or messages that do not relate to them at all. Look through how you ca re-engage with your list and better engage with them.

5. Consider a homepage revamp.

Although you might have already put in a great deal of time, effort, and resources to making a top-tier homepage, a change in buyer persona or a change in trend could mean it is time for a facelift. The Internet is constantly evolving and so are your buyers. Keep up with them buy making sure that relevant content is consistently communicated to them.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

5 Questions to Ask Before Working With a Micro-Influencer

Asking for recommendations continue to evolve, and even in the realm of SMS this continues to innovate and grow.

Once upon a time we may have asked a neighbor to recommend a product or service, 47% of millennials now turn to social media for recommendations and reviews before deciding on a purchase.

However, these consumers aren't always going to the social media accounts of major brands. Most of the time, they are visiting the profiles of a specific group of personalities that they relate to or follow. These personalities are "Influencers".

As discussed previously here, SMS marketing is an important piece of your marketing channel that can drive you great click through rates and open rates, and Influencers can drive social legitimacy.

Also consider this: Close to 40% of Twitter users alone have made a purchase as a result of the use of influencer marketing -- combine this with your SMS marketing campaign and the result is limitless.

Many of us when we think of influencers, you might be thinking of A-list personalities and celebrities. Take Yumi Wong, for example, who helped catapult the brand LANCASTER.

There is a good chance that celebrities might significantly grow your sale and help you to achieve your marketing targets, but let's face it: not every brand can afford their price tags. It's reported that Kylie Jenner gets $400,000 for a single promotional Instagram post. That's ~RM1,600,000 per post.

Why us Micro-Influencers?

Micro influencers might seem to be counter intuitive, it might make sense to leverage on an influencer with a large reach compared to those with only a few thousand.

This isn't necessary.

A study done by Markerly, puts this evidence to the sword as it the converse relationship was found between the number of followers against the level of engagement.

"Conclusion: With a large number of followers engagement rate actually decreases."

Finding the right Micro-influencer for your business

Wit so many micro-influencers, it's no surprise that a lot of marketers highlight that finding the right one as their biggest challenge.

Here are 5 questions you'll need to answer very carefully

1. What are your goals?

The first thing as with most things to consider. What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to generate more leads then look for micro-influencers that frequently host contests or giveaways on their social media accounts.

2. Who are the micro-influencer's followers?

Look at the followers as these will be the list of people you want to reach, and look at how well they align with your brands buyer personas. Some things you can consider are:

Where are the majority of the micro-influencers's geographically located?
Are they mostly male or female?
Which type of posts resonates with them the most?

3. What kind of content does the micro-influencer produce?

Micro-influencers create their posts based on their own brand and image and you will want to compare this against the image you want them to associate with your brand. It's important to make sure that this is aligned. 

4. Are they already working with your competitors?

How did the audience respond to the post? Was there anything mentioned by the micro-influencer about your competitors' products that you can use to your advantage or avoid?

5. How many platforms to they use?

Although a bulk of influencers are on Instagram, there are many of them that are equally active on their own blogs and other social media channels. This is good for your as the more platforms a micro-influencer can use to promote your content, the better it is for you.

Use influencers to drive better legitimacy for your SMS marketing campaign. Implement your SMS marketing campaign now with EVERWORKS affordable, and professional service.

Monday, 25 December 2017

5 Brilliant Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Every year, without warning holiday marketing campaigns are everywhere the floodgates open and countless businesses rush to cash in on the holiday spending frenzy. There are numerous holiday emails, social media posts, and TV ads -- everyone is rushing to get a piece of the pie.

It might seem like during the holidays the marketing gets out of control, but some brands actually do it very, very, very well.

They don't just chase typical promotional campaigns, but they strive to create campaigns that actually delight customers. This actually helps the brands to stand out amongst the holiday "noise". They evoke emotion and connect people with their loved ones.

Here are 5 of our favorites:

1. Coca Cola

A post shared by Coca-Cola Canada (@cocacola_ca) on

2. Hotel Tonight

3. Dollar Shave Club

A post shared by Dollar Shave Club (@dollarshaveclub) on

4. Edeka

5. John Lewis

Merry Christmas from us at EVERWORKS. Hopefully this inspires you to create more creative SMS Marketing campaigns!