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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Case Study: Restaurant Continues to Engage with Customers Resulting in More Repeat Sales

Customers come and go, and it is hard to keep in touch and continually engage with them. There's a lot going on in their lives.

Social is a big pull for business owners because of the reach it gives and potential it promises. However, there is a constant need to develop content to keep current.

A more direct solution to this would be to employ 2 tried and tested marketing tools to keep customers engaged.

SMS and Email.

SMS and Email has many benefits as they are both affordable tools where business and customers can choose to interact directly with each other.

Both being synonymous and come together like bread and butter.

The sales journey for a potential customer is much longer compared with customers that have already positively interacted with your business.

Ideally, you are providing the customer with an option to maintain the positive relationship they have had with your business.

Examples of engagement include options for customers to consider when choosing their preferred choice to be notified of any offers or promotions your business can offer them.

Restaurant uses this to their advantage by capturing customer's information quickly through a text message.

The benefit is to reduce any challenges customers may face to opt-in. SMS helps to make the process quicker compared to the need to physically write down on a paper form or have them go to a website to fill out a subscription.

All the customer has to do is submit a text message containing a keyword and email to a short-code and the server would respond to their email indicating subscription has already been confirmed! 

This reduces the barrier with customers who are not technologically savvy. Everything can be done straight from their mobile phone with a  simple text message.

What efforts are you making to capitalize on repeat sales?

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

3 SEO Secrets To Make You Become An Organic Powerhouse

SEO is everything to being discovered through search. What is the secret behind the search behemoth?

This continues to be elusive to most businesses embarking on their content development journey. Inbound lead generation seems to be a myth.

It can be demoralizing when your traffic sources start continues to be in a decline, that so much so it is in a plateau that never seems to go past zero.

Rather than hitting the eject button, we decided to scour the Internet for a solution and to find the culprit.

What we discovered is that our editorial strategy of brainstorming topics and relying on our intuition did not work.

We decided to pivot and focus our energies on the channel organic search. 

Here in this post we will share with you our 3 SEO secrets we've employed in our updated strategy as we deliver more relevant content to our readers.

Below is a brief outline of the 3 SEO Secrets:

  1. People First, Search Engines Last
  2. Link-Build
  3. Compress Images

1. People First, Search Engines Last

Although the algorithm does dictate the result of search, you must remember that search engines reward for the best content on the internet, not for the best algorithm.

The 1st step we took is to understand the intent behind the keyword we want to target.

To do this we analyze a keyword's search engine's result and determine the problems that the users were trying to solve.

After which, we tried to find the best solutions to find the best steps to solving it. Finally we create engaging copy with clear, concise, and compelling copy.

We try to highlight findings, data, and include images that keep our readers stimulated for more.

2. Link-Build

Crucial to improving your domain authority, it is imperative for you to earn high-quality inbound links from websites and pages with high authority scores.

The main method we are currently using to earn high-quality links is by networking with other websites that have a higher domain score.

We are making every effort to also make sure our content is relevant to the referring website's content.

3. Compress Images

A basic rule for optimizing for search engines that often gets overlooked is compressing of your image files.

This may seem rudimentary and not a top priority but file size affects your website's load speed, which is 1 of 10 most important ranking factors for Google.

A great place to start on optimizing your page for Google is the guide prepared by them: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

In a previous article we've covered a hidden trick to quickly and easily to enhance your SEO in Malaysia - this is a no brainer and can be done within 1 day.


These are the 3 secrets that we are currently devising as our SEO strategy, and continues to break records for us.

It's entirely possible that they could be outdated quick as SEO keeps changing and improving for the benefit of the users using the search engines.

How fast are you employing these new tactics?