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Wednesday 8 May 2019

5 Sales Pitch every Malaysian Salesperson Should Know in 2019

To start we start with the basics of a sales pitch. It's basically a salesperson's attempt to persuade their audience to buy or believe what they are selling. It might be a chance at another meeting, more information about your product or service, or a personal pitch which has you as the subject matter. The key to most sales pitches are the speed, to the point and the need for it to grab attention.

This isn't new, but the concepts have adapted over time. At the core a sales pitch is just a way to share more information or explain what your product or service can do for the interested buyer. What value it brings to the table.

What's new with doing your sales pitch in 2019? Gone are the days when a sales pitch is long, product-focused, and boring.

With the advent of technology and social media, our attention span has shortened greatly. If anyone has any time to hear your sales pitch at all, it had better be compelling or at the very least to the point.

Now it's just as important to translate your product or service's value proposition into one most appropriate.

1. The One-Word

What's your presentation in one word. Obama did a fantastic job during his re-election campaign as "forward". Think of a single word that represents your offering and use it as a punchy tagline.

2. The Question

Use this when you're confident that your buyer completely understands the value of your product or service.

Formulate a question instead of making a statement. For example:

Strategic outsourcing will reduce your company's costs.

Would strategic outsourcing reduce your company's costs?

3. The Subject Line

If you have mastered the art of crafting an intriguing subject line, take that expertise and apply it to your sales pitch.

It should be useful or mysteriously intriguing. It's also important to note that the more information buyers are considering, the less effective curiosity-provoking subjects become.

4. Twitter Sales

Try limiting your pitch to only 140 characters. This forces you to think critically and creatively about your main offer. It can also help you to trim the unnecessary jargon from your presentation.

5. The Pixar Sales

This is the narrative template. Once upon a time ___. Everyday, ____. One day ____.

By phrasing your pitch this way, it automatically becomes a story which top salespeople know remains in the minds of the people they are selling to much better than a dry recitation of facts.

Great sales tips for Malaysian sales professionals are written here in this blog. Learn more about sales here.


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