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Wednesday 17 April 2019

4 Free Ways to Promote Your New Content

Placing greater efforts on crafting a killer header and writing great content would be worthless, if you do not promote the content that you create.

It's similar to planning for a Friday night party, but not inviting anyone to the party. If you take the time to promote and build excitement, you might attract people who are interested in attending.

This is the same with your content and gives you the best chance of success.

Here's a big tip. Don't promote your content to everyone. It's like inviting your mom to a guy's night out. You should target each of your content that you create to a specific buyer persona.

Hubspot has a great guide on how you can easily and step-by-step identify your buyer persona. Start this first before you begin to promote your content.

Below you will find the 4 free ways we use to promote our content. 

1. Promote Consistently on Social

At every possible time, we promote our content through our social channels to keep each post fresh. Make sure you include an image, link and a hashtag.

2. Notify Current Audiences through Email

Email is often overlooked as a source for inbound leads. We've covered interesting points on Email Signatures and what to avoid here.

Another great read is some neat tricks for email you can implement here.

One other use for your content through email is to approach new prospects by providing them with valuable information, and establish authority to assist with your sales efforts.

3. Recycle Content

Old content can be repurposed, with a new header, improved more in-depth content to make it more helpful for new readers.

It can cover more resources and provide better value to the readers.

4. Repurpose Content Into New Formats

A great trick to increase your content's reach you can repurpose your content into other formats, such as a slideshare deck, Pinterest post, or podcast.

Are there any other free ways you currently use to promote your new content?


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