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Wednesday 3 April 2019

4 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Campaign with SMS

There is an ongoing buzz on Social, PPC Ads, and Digital Marketing that often a tried and tested method get's drowned out.

Give a guess what is the most used data service in the world?

According to Nielsen, it's SMS. Marketing through SMS is not surprisingly different from any other campaign.

This is often confused with other data and metrics but SMS sends short transcripts of information in a straightforward, direct, and quick way.

Black Friday data shows, SMS is still relevant to marketing efforts and should not be overlooked. For example, it's a great way for customers to opt-in to receive latest information on deals and upcoming holiday products.

Below we will provide you with the tools you need to hit a home-run with your SMS Marketing.

Marketing (the Secret Bonus)

To understand the role of SMS in marketing, you must first understand what marketing is and how it contributes to your business.

Essentially marketing is how you plan to tell someone more about your product. Whether your product is great, or how it can improve their lives.

The added bonus if your marketing is done right: Selling becomes easy for you because your customers would have already been familiar with your products, the advantages and how it can help them.

For example, you have a product which helps households save 90% of their electricity. This is a fantastic product, however, because your marketing was not done right not many people know of your product.

It was a product that did not live up to its potential, not because of poor quality but because of poor reach.

1. Speak 'English'

As with everything marketing, more often than not, businesses get caught up in industry jargon.

For example, in the tech industry it could be RAM, HDD, and others. Instead it could have been the speed your computer responds to your instruction, and how many photos, files, and music you can store.

70% of targeted customers don't know in-depth information. This doesn't mean you should disregard technical information all together, rather consider catering your campaigns to specific customer groups.

Targeting your customers is known to deliver great results. Convey a message with the intent of speaking to your customer on a personal basis

2. Don't just write

Although writing may seem to be a daunting task, you do not need to be an expert writer to convey your message.

Your writing can be done just to convey the information that the reader is looking for. For example, it could be just factual data, or it can be a communicative piece where the reader and writer both have a relationship together. 

Keep in mind, that to have an engaging conversation is more valuable, as compared to giving a notice.

3. SMS Marketing Inspiration

4. Targeting Customers

As mentioned, in the 3rd tip, convey the right message to the right person. You need to put together a simplified process to understand the size and attractiveness of the target market.

Key areas to identify include: 

  1. Your ability to service, and 
  2. Compete within your chosen target market.

2 ways you can properly evaluate the market potential (sales opportunity) is through identifying your market size and what is your current market share.

When you have identified this you can then plan marketing activities to carry out your promotion efforts.

How to launch a SMS Marketing Campaign?

How to start? Would you have someone sit down holding a phone and slowly sending messages out to your clients?

Send SMS like the pros and have an automated service at a reasonable price

Learn ways you can send SMS to your customers based on geographical area with EVERWORKS.


To successfully deliver a marketing campaign you have various tools at your disposal, and SMS is one tool to consider. It is cheap, always delivers, and direct.

Would you consider using SMS as an additional tool for your marketing campaign?

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