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Saturday 17 November 2012

Kuala Lumpur: MCMC, "Suspension of all Types of Shortcode for Promotional and Marketing Messages"

Dear all EVERWORKS's Mobile merchants, as all of us are aware, MCMC has recently circulated a letter dated 9th November 2012 which has been faxed to most of the members on the 12th November 2012 pertaining to the suspension of all types of short codes in broadcasting Promotional and Marketing Messages.

As for today, we have received some confirmation from a few relevant parties, business partner as well as the MMCP (The Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association) before making any formal announcement to our existing merchants and corporate clients who are using our Bulk SMS service for their promotion and advertisement.  

In conclusion, this letter only addresses the promotion of any Shortcodes 2xxxx, 3xxxx and any other Telco Branded Short Codes through the Bulk SMS Platform, which includes 3xxxx, 6xxxx and any Alpha-Numeric Sender-ID which includes the Telco Branded ones such as CelcomXtra, CelcomOffer or any other similar ones. 

Also, this letter does not affect all existing Bulk SMS sent for Corporate Clients which provides legitimate business advertising or promotion, mostly tied up to their own programs.

Of course, this is only the first step of what MCMC has implemented over to Malaysia's Messaging industry, and we are expecting some more rules and regulations will be implementing soon! 

As we know, MCMC has actually appointed KPMG (Singapore branch) in doing the market audit for MCMC before deciding on the future regulation for this market. Just to share a bit here, this group of auditor from KPMG is actually the same group of people who did for Indonesian market previously. Hence, we are strongly believe that MCMC has some very serious plan behind this audition. 

As per today (16th Nov 2012), we have officially sent out our internal notice to all our existing CP, merchants, and corporate clients pertaining to this issues, and has seriously warn all our existing clients to follow exactly what MCMC required the market to do! 

I have also attached the letter here for more information: 

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