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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Twitter expands! Images Increases Clicks.

Twitter has made some rather big changes and here is one of them. Twitter just added inline images to tweets so you don't need to click a link to see an attached image.

*please note that this only works for images that are uploaded directly to Twitter. 

Expanded Tweets. How they stand out amongst the rest?

Tweets with pictures look like this now on Twitter:

Here it looks like in the stream:

It isn't surprising that Twitter is starting to focus on images and videos uploaded to the service itself. In fact Tweets using pictures were 94 % more likely to be retweeted.

It is also found out that Tweets including Instagram links were 42% less likely to be retweeted.

How inline images have impacted us so far

We did some experiments by adding an image to our tweet and retweeting some other tweets with images to see what the results were. Using some of the statistics from our internal research it shows that there were to be more "clicks" as a result.

What this does for Twitter?

Twitter right now is riding it high, having just announced the company's IPO and things don't seem to be slowing down with new features being added.

Some people have pointed out how advertising could become a bigger part of Twitter's strategy.

How does inline images help Malaysian businesses?

Inline images help increase likelihood of a Tweet therefore it does boost more exposure, and open up new avenues for business to engage through social media.

Engaging customers through showing them exactly the product you have to offer is powerful, rather than 'just' describing it with words adds an invaluable advantage.


On a side note: If you liked posts like this, Follow us on Twitter or keep up with us through this blog.

Be sure to find out more on how you could offer an Internet or mobile business easily.

Monday 28 April 2014

EVERWORKS IDC: Reminder of Rack Price Increase

In recent weeks there have been inquiries on the affects in change of pricing some of our clients have faced, and to clear the air and provide the details required, released here would be the official statement of EVERWORKS, in regards to the increased tariff rates imposed by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

Effective 1st March 2014, EVERWORKS has imposed a price increase in our monthly rack recurring charges and HVAC aligned to the increase rate imposed by Tenaga Nasional Berhad's (TNB) new tariff announcement dated 2nd December 2013.

Enclosed herewith the calculation of the new rates as below:

After much consideration the price increase due to the increased tariff rates, has led to our decision to increase prices from March onwards.

As we continue to strive to offer you the best service and support possible, EVERWORKS has committed to absorb increase in costs to further support our clients for the month of January and February.

Latest colocation package pricing can be referred to here.

We are committed to provide our customers with the best possible service, for further assistance regarding administrative matters please consult our administrative team: admin@everworks.com, and for further assistance regarding technical support issues please contact our ever-ready technical support team: cvs@everworks.com.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

How to use Google Analytics: Beginners' Guide

This will guide you on how to use Google Analytics even if you have just started out. Google Analytics as the name implies is a tool (one of the best) that allows you to measure your website traffic (this which greatly influences your ability to be found on the web through search engines - you can use Alexa to find out just where you are roughly), giving you valuable information for you to make informed decisions. With just a little bit of setup and effort, this tool will give you a war chest worth of information, on who is visiting, what they are looking at or what they are looking for. With that information I am sure that you would be able to take it from there, and with a bit of time practicing with Google Analytics I am sure you would be able to use it like a pro!

This page was designed to ease you into the application and teach you how to use almost all aspects of Google Analytics. In future there will be more in-depth tutorials that will show you what other things can Google Analytics do to empower you.

Google Analytics Interface (Video Tutorial).

What better way to show you the route than to have a 'personal' tour from Google themselves. This Google Analytics Interface Introduction Video shows you the different reporting sections on the Google Analytics dashboard.

Getting Started

Now that everything has been formally introduced, let's get down to business and fix up everything!!

Step 1: Account Setup

Before you start anything the most important step in order for you to use Google Analytics, you will need to (obviously) set up an account with them. This will provide you with a unique code/identifier/number to add to your website. *important note: you can only access information about your own website. You will not be allowed access to other people's information, unless given special permission, and likewise for other people who want access to your information.

Permissions can be granted to those that you give special permission to. Other than that if that step was not taken into account the only person that can access your website statistics will be none other than yourself.

  1. Go to the Google Analytics website - here.
  2. If you do not have a Google account, you can sign up here, but if the link does not work you can always find the "Sign Up" button which is located somewhere above the top right-hand corner of the Google Analytics Website. (If you have a Google Account already skip this step and just sign-in.)
  3. Click the "Sign Up" to continue. (You may be wondering why there is another sign-up button just when you have done registering for a Google Account, or if you already own a Google Account; this "Sign Up" was meant to define signing up or registering for the Google Analytics Service.)
  4. In the next window, provide Google Analytics with the URL of the website you wish to analyze.
  5. Give the website an account name that is easy to remember (This is important if you have multiple websites). 
  6. Select a country your website is based in.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. In the next window provide your contact information.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. In the next window, read the Google Analytics terms of service, and if you agree with them click the Yes Box.
  11. Click Create New Account.
  12. Google Analytics should now provide you with code. This is needed for Google Analytics to track your website, you will need to copy this and insert it into your website according to the instructions given. 

Step 2: Insert Google Analytics JavaScript into your pages.

Previously in Step 1: Number 12; Google Analytics provides you a code. You MUST insert the code that Google Analytics provides to you with into every page you want it to track. (If you have a technical division all you need to do is pass them the code and they should know what to do with it.)

Inserting Google Analytics Code - this works for most websites.

To insert the Google Analytics code, you need to get into the HTML of your website. If you are using Wordpress, you will need to open the footer.php file to insert the Google Analytics code.

  1. Find the </body> tag at the very bottom just above the </html> page.
  2. Do you see the code urchinTracker(), utmLinker(), utmSetTrans(), or utmLinkPost() above the </body> tag? If you see either paste the Google Analytics code above those codes, if not just paste it immediately above the </body> tag.
  3. Once done, and uploaded you should be able to begin tracking information (please wait for 24hrs-48hrs for Google Analytics to kick into action!)

Step 3: See an Overview of Your Website's Performance. 

Once you have already signed up for an account and successfully inserted Google Analytic's JavaScript into your pages, Google Analytics will be ready to provide you with an overview of your website's performance. (However, the service may take up to 24 hours to begin gathering data on your website.)

  1. Log in to Google Analytics.
  2. In the center of the page is a section titled Website Profiles. Click on the View Reports link to the right of the name of the site you are interested in. This will bring you to the Dashboard.
  3. At the top of the page there should be a default chart that gives you a visual representation of your website's traffic over the past month.
  4. Immediately beneath that chart you will see a header that says Site Usage, with six small charts underneath. You will be able to find quick information on various site traffic statistics for the time period shown in the main chart.

Step 4: Detailed Performance View (Hourly & Daily)

If you want to find out when exactly your website has its peaks (at what time or what day) Google Analytics can tell you.

  1. In the menu to the left, click on the word Visitors.
  2. To the left beneath the main chart you will see a number of different statistical data.
  3. Click on any of the words to get a bar-chart breakout of the daily performance for that aspect of site traffic measurement.
  4. Click the word Hourly button to see an hour by hour graph.
  5. To compare two different time periods, click on the dates above the line graph. Select the first set of dates you want to work with, check the Compare to Past box, then click on the second set of dates, and click the Apply Range button.

Although Google Analytics, does involve a few technical steps that may be hard to learn at first, but using Google Analytics is something that gets much easier as time goes by and as you get a better feel for the service.

Build online with confidence

Looking for a stable and experienced company to publish your website on the Internet? Having already completed designing your website, then the next important thing is to publish your website on the Internet. EVERWORKS hosts your websites, emails, and databases easily and reliably. EVERWORKS provides low cost, high availability, and high performance hosting packages. Click here to find out more!

If I have missed out anything, or you have experiences on Google Analytics that you would love to share, please feel free to add your input in the comments section below!

photoby liferoiblog | reference Mahalo

Wednesday 16 April 2014

SEO Tips - Google Analytics

Google Analytics, although it is free, is a very powerful tool. This free tool offered by Google isn't shallow in terms of its offerings, although most of the things on offer seem to be relatively simple. The simplicity has an unexpected depth, that is valuable to businesses who are seeking to monetize on a tight budget.

Not only can businesses in Malaysia host with a reliable hosting company within Malaysia, EVERWORKS, but this post will also serve as an informational guide to potentially boost business probability in turning potential leads into profitable conversions. 

We will look at two things:

  1. Device interaction - How your website interacts with users, through the different devices that they use.
  2. Geo Location - Which country does your content or product appeal to, and how to build a campaign that will initiate a strong movement.
The first thing we will start with is 'Device Interaction' and how we can match that up with Google Analytics to better understand SEO and make efficient your offerings. Identifying how a specific device is influencing your traffic is integral to defining which parameters are actually performing in a somewhat orderly fashion that works to your advantage.

1. Device Interaction

Colocation Hosting | Server Colocation Service Provider | EVERWORKS
More often than not small businesses face a limited budget, making it difficult for them to identify with smaller particulars that could greatly affect their influence on the potential market share that they could possibly penetrate. Thus, concluding that although most monetary functions should take initial priority, but there should be no disregard for potential viewers/customers/clients that are using specific devices to view and access what you have to offer in an easier sense.

Now that it has been identified that customer usability is important as well, the basic idea is; take a large overview of everything on Google Analytics, a brief as some may call it, to digest the most relevant information on a macro perspective so that key decisions can be narrowed down to identify which device viewers/customers/clients are actually using to access what you offer.

So let's start with Google Analytics; go to Google Analytics' page and click on 'Mobile > Overview (for a general outlook) / Devices (to better identify which device is exactly being used).

What does having user friendly, interactive, website do for you?

It gives your users an improved experience: everything your users do revolves around an experience and you would want to offer the best possible, positive, experience to your customer so that they will continue to serve 'feel good' feelings towards your offerings.

It increases average time on a website: Personally I would stay much longer on a website that is easily readable on my phone and as it would be on my computer. It is a drag when I have to zoom into websites that are just simply buggy all over the place causing fonts to move to places it shouldn't go to.

It loads websites faster: the phone does load things over a cellular network, having a lesser load not only allows websites to come up quicker, but it also makes it easy on data plans with a limit.

It gives you an added advantage over competition that don't have a device optimized website: this is a competitive advantage that will continue to be something that you can quickly capitalize on, considering that going mobile does require a certain amount of investment in both monetary and efforts.

Are Malaysian companies taking on interactivity?

Not all websites in Malaysia are taking advantage of a reliable hosting solution, let alone the importance of interactivity itself. Having a good reliable website that gives your customers information they need efficiently will greatly improve your business offerings.

2. Geo Location

Does your product attract a certain customer base of a certain country? This not only gives you an idea of where your customers are and how to best give to them what they need, whether culturally or in a language they prefer, but also in terms of latency and reliability of website availability when customers actually want to access the information of your offering.

Specified country

If I know that my customers are primarily from Malaysia for example what difference does it make?

To keep it short and simple, Malaysia is a country that has a national language of Malay, knowing that your customers are coming from Malaysia helps you to determine that your language base should also include Malay to streamline and improve customer interaction.

Should companies consider a local hosting company?

A user living far away from the server of your website will always see your website loading very slowly compared to the person who is closer to the server. A slow website always irritates the visitor (I would know because it irritates me) and that would cause them to switch to another website, making you lose valuable leads.


By using Google Analytics you can discern important information from those that can afford to be looked into later. Determining what devices your customers primarily look at and where they come from can give you unbounded potential to serve and provide a reliable service to them.

If you have something please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

image by PSD Blast

Saturday 12 April 2014

Postponement Announcement - EVERWORKS scheduled email server maintenance

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that there will be a scheduled email server maintenance for www.everworks.com 

The original scheduled maintenance would have to be carried out during a later date after our technical team has come across some technical difficulties that need to be addressed to ensure that r service during this period of time is unaffected:

Previous scheduled date:

11th April 2014 - 12th April 2014 
(Saturday Early Morning)
23:00 hrs ~ 05:00 hrs GMT+8 

Current new date:

18th April 2014 - 19th April 2014
(Saturday Early Morning)
23:00 hrs ~ 5:00 hrs GMT+8

Impact: This maintenance will have no downtime & service interruption to all EVERWORKS clients' network.

Objective: Migration of EVERWORKS mail server. 

For urgent inquiries please contact these hotlines: +6016 625 8763 or +6013 353 3886

For general inquiries on any matter please contact +603 7806 3550 or cvs@everworks.com (we will respond to your email inquiries only after this maintenance - for important support inquiries please contact the listed hotlines.)

Friday 11 April 2014

The Importance of Server Location

With the world seemingly being more connected than it has ever been in the past decade or so, it often leads to the misconception that although every mobile is connected to the internet and cloud computing is fervent throughout most tech lingo, people overlook the importance of physical server location and how it can be beneficial to you. While it is true, that you can access information from any place, server location still plays a large role in everything. Here are a few factors that could just swing you back to thinking just whether your servers are in the right place or not.

Is server location actually important?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes it matters. A server doesn't only get damaged digitally, the potential of a physical harm is likely as well. Placing your server in a safer environment as compared to a potentially harmful one is greatly beneficial.

Server location affects the speed of your service!

The physical location that your servers are hosted in can affect the speed of hosted websites. This is important for local searches as it greatly effects the outcome of your visitors. Research shows that a visitor would leave a website if it doesn't load within 3 seconds; sometimes even less. 3 seconds isn't a lot of time, but it could ultimately result in poor conversions for website visitors.

Server Location; with respects to your website rankings, traffic and consequent success.

This aspect gets overlooked by most site owners and gets very minimal coverage in web design or SEO articles. Most articles are written by American writers and therefore are written from their perspective and location. However, if you happen to like many site owners in the world who are not from America, the view on this can be greatly beneficial.

If you are a business who has a significant client base in a native country you should depending on where you are, where your website is (hosted), what you offer, where your customers are, and whether you are a searcher, or a site owner. This greatly affects the outcome, and with respects to SEO, Server Location may be the crunch factor that converts searches into potential visitors. 

What this means for Local (Malaysian), and South East Asian countries?

Find a colocation server that suits you. Something close by. With us, EVERWORKS, Malaysia's Leading Datacenter and Mobile Hosting Provider that provides industry standard server colocation could be an easy option to consider. With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a World Class Data Center, and Lowest Price Guarantee, all you need to do is just give it a try. 


Please share with us what you think in the comments section below.
  1. What is your experience with server location?
  2. Does it affect your site's speed depending on where you put your site?
  3. Do you think Server Location affects SEO (considering it gets so little coverage)?

Thursday 10 April 2014

Announcement - DiGi Planned Maintenance

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd will be conducting a scheduled maintenance during the period indicated below:

16 April 2014
00:00 AM ~ 06:00 AM (GMT+8)

OMMP & MMSC CS Portal unavailable - 1 hour

Intermittent SMS Service Impact - 20 mins

CPA MT SMS Intermittent Failure 
(MT SMS Intermittently unable to deliver to subscriber)

Digi's Fast Recovery Center is ready to assist you if there are any issues regarding this matter.

Digi Hotline: +6016 300 3000

If you have any queries on EVERWORKS SMS Hosting Service you can consult here for further information.

For technical inquiries and support please email our ever ready support at cvs@everworks.com

Tuesday 8 April 2014

SEO Tips - Importance of Server Location

Server location is fundamental for International Audiences, especially for Malaysian companies.

Server Location with respect to your site rankings, traffic, and consequent success in an aspect that often gets overlooked by many site owners and one that gets minimal coverage in web design or SEO articles. Most articles are written internally by mainly American writers and therefore not giving enough attention to International audiences, especially for small countries like for example Malaysia.

Location, Localization with SEO

There is a problem that search engines have in a way split up their searches into country-specific search opportunities. Google know where you are because of the IP address allocated to PC. This impacts searches greatly on businesses, contributing to country-specific search opportunities. This can be good and bad depending on where you are, where your site is, where your customers are, where your searches are, and whether you are a search owner or not.

Location and Searches | Google Location Based Search

For a searcher in Malaysia you would have noticed awhile back that your Google sessions automatically, by default, go to www.google.com.my. Searchers in the USA are blissfully unaware of this phenomenon.

The results of your search will also be biased towards sites that are physically located within your geographic area or at least within the area surrounding it, but if you were to do the same search on the different country-specific versions of Google you would get somewhat different results.

How to win the Global Localization Game

If you are a business who has a significant traffic or client base in more than one country, it makes sense to register all the local domain names within your country. You can then build a global network of mini-sites customized specifically for those markets. (Be sure you do not blindly duplicate your website contents, because it is a breach of Google's Webmaster Guidelines)


If you are a business who has significant traffic or client base in only one country it makes sense to only register one local domain name and focus more on that specific country. Building a network mainly revolving within that market. Be careful not to spam labels, or keywords because too much of them could get Google to think you are just spamming. 

EVERWORKS helps Malaysian companies maximize local Malaysian traffic

EVERWORKS's Hybrid Network is designed for our datacenter hosting clients who need to serve generally more Malaysian based traffic compared to International traffic; most of their site traffic is from Malaysia. EVERWORKS is a leading Datacenter Hosting Provider (DHP) in Malaysia, that deploys a Hybrid Bandwidth System that allows its customers to customize their bandwidth pattern.


What are your thoughts? Please share what you have to say about Server Location and SEO in the comments section below.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Announcement - EVERWORKS Scheduled Email Server Maintenance

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that there will be a scheduled email server maintenance for www.everworks.com 

The scheduled maintenance would be carried out during this period of time:

11th April 2014 - 12th April 2014 
(Saturday Early Morning)
23:00 hrs ~ 05:00 hrs GMT+8 

For update please refer to the latest post here

Impact: This maintenance will have no downtime & service interruption to all EVERWORKS clients' network.

Objective: Migration of EVERWORKS mail server. 

For urgent inquiries please contact these hotlines: +6016 625 8763 or +6013 353 3886

For general inquiries on any matter please contact +603 7806 3550 or cvs@everworks.com (we will respond to your email inquiries only after this maintenance - for important support inquiries please contact the listed hotlines.)

Saturday 5 April 2014

Save Energy for your Business | Malaysia

Going green has been a hot topic for the most part of these past few years, where the focus has been to reduce what we use, and to ensure that anything that we use is used carefully with as minimal wastage as possible.

Going Green does have positive implications that may draw business interest, apart from saving the planet as a whole. Having a commitment to reduce use, and to maximize use without wastage is already defining the idea of cost maximizing measures.

It isn't rocket science. Use what you need, and make sure what you use creates as little impact on the environment as possible. Even better if the byproduct of what you have used can be reused cleanly.

Improve your power factor

Power Factor is simply put to be the effectiveness of your machine. If your machine requires more power to perform tasks that another machine would, it simply means that your machine has a low power factor.

The solution is simple. Increase your power factor, your machines would then use less electricity to produce the results you require, resulting in a healthier electricity bill.

(For TNB subscribers - Malaysian based companies - increasing your power factor comes with better perks. You avoid having to pay an additional 1.5% to 3% on power factor surcharge. Further reading: Power Factor Surcharges.)

Use light wisely

Lighting is a topic that draws a lot of debate, how much is actually too much light. Do workers perform better under dimmer light or under brighter conditions? According to Hawthorne Studies where the initial focus was on on the level of illumination in manufacturing facilities where it was expected that in brighter conditions workers would have improved performance, but there was insufficient evidence showing to this relationship. The conclusion is to find the right balance between what works for the workers as well as the business's costs.

Here are some alternatives to reducing electricity costs even further:

  1. Install timed room lighting. Where times during the day lights would switch off (in places that there are ample natural light).
  2. Install motion-sensor to reduce wastage of lights in bathrooms, storage, and places with little traffic.
  3. Increase more natural light accessibility as possible.

Air conditioning

Air conditioners were created to create a comfortable environment to work in. Raising the temperature settings by 1°C can have a significant effect on your electricity bill, and have little effect on everyone working.

Off-peak hours operations bonus

Re-scheduling your operations to run electricity dependent equipment during off-peak hours, will increase your savings up to 20%. Find out more here.

Host in Malaysia, and Reduce Costs with EVERWORKS

EVERWORKS houses over 200 Dedicated and Colocation servers over 3 Major Data centers in Malaysia. Having a wide range of data centers allow you to choose the best network blueprint to suit your business requirements. Use EVERWORKS Colocation service with confidence, as the service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, world class data centers at your disposal, the lowest price guaranteed, and an unbeatable switch option to any EVERWORKS existing server of your choice with no Migration Fee imposed.

Find out more on EVERWORKS Colocation here.
Further reading: EVERWORKS's Colocation Usage Policy?

Find out more on Electricity in Malaysia from TNB Malaysia | Image by PSD Blast

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Data Center Migration {Plan for Success}

I felt for people who need a solution for something *more than just data transfer EVERWORKS does provide an industry leading Network Migration solution. EVERWORKS Network Migration Solution is more than mere copying and pasting data, it is a solution that ensures a full migration service. According to our specialist Wong and Jimmy here is what they would love to share with you!


Data Center migration refers to moving data from one device to another. Simple as it may sound it proves to be a challenging task, though it is the most routine of tasks. Critical drivers that move data from one storage device to another on a regular basis are workload balancing, technology upgrade, server and storage consolidation, data center relocation, data classification, and mergers/acquisitions.

What drives the need for a migration?

There are many reasons that could lead to the need for a data center migration. Amongst some of the reasons are:

  1. Growth; sudden need that exceeds current capacity
  2. Performance; ability for the hosting provider to provide the solution you critically need
  3. Real estate changes
  4. Local data center economics
  5. Density requirements
  6. Staffing considerations
  7. Green initiatives
  8. etc.

How does migration strain you?

As with most things (migration included), there is prevalent restrictions that business, technical, and operational requirements impose on the migration process. There is a great need for resources (staff, bandwidth, CPU cycles) and inevitable risks (application downtime, performance impact, technical incompatibilities, and data corruption/loss).

{Plan for Success}

Data Center Migration is tough work, the margin for error is near zero and the timeline is almost always short, making migration projects very high risk and a large stress basket. To minimize risk (anticipate and prevent as much risk as possible) the migration project must be organized, planned, and flawlessly executed.

Creating a Migration Plan

A migration plan is a blueprint to what you want to deliver in the end. This should be your guide and it specifies customer expectations, defining project deliverables and identifying migration methodologies that can be used. There are four (4) major parts that make a migration plan:

  1. Business and operational requirements
  2. Data to be migrated with all associated attributes
  3. Available Migration Tools
  4. Storage and application best practices

Migration Project Phases

1. Gathering requirements

Business objectives, resources required, and specific details of the project should be organized and documented. The documentation serves as a valuable information resource to guide and develop the project plan, provide business communication, and backup material for budgetary justification.

2. Developing a plan

Migration Projects require advanced planning and consideration of every aspect of the move process. Data needs to be gathered, proper documentation is required, problem areas needs to be identified with the right contingencies developed, task completion checklists need to be compiled during the migration phase and end-to-end test plans need to be developed.

3. Implementation

Migration typically begins with the basic communication to the organization and pre-migration prep-work. An effective implementation includes; a smooth migration that is on schedule, a trial run has been scheduled to unearth any potential issues, efficient communication with the move team and resources backed up to ensure full resource availability, precisely following the plan to avoid missed steps and unwanted sequence of errors, documentation of every task that is completed.

4. Validation

The final phase of the migration project is as critical as the beginning and the middle. Finishing it right. Make sure that all tasks that have been completed and verified that it has been completed. Adequate recovery and contingency procedures have been documented and a smooth communication between all affected parties have been put into place.


The ultimate goal of migration is to move data, but it isn't just data. It requires a lot of prior planning prior to the movement to ensure a successful migration. There are a ton of cases that caused more catastrophe than it should have if, having in mind, the proper front-planning was done. Irrespective of the complexity, pre-planning reduces the strain and duration of the migration process by a fair amount. It also reduces business impact and risk.

- Downtime, performance degradation, data corruption/loss, etc. - are among the few problems that occur when performing migration. Consider consulting a pro to have your migration done, it could save a lot of headache and sleepless nights. EVERWORKS provides no-nonsense data migration. Eliminate your worries. Find out more about it here.


  1. What are your experiences with migration? 
  2. Were there any complexities that was beyond the pre-plans?

Digi Planned Maintenance Notification

It was brought to our attention here at EVERWORKS that there will be a scheduled maintenance for Digi. Please take note of the scheduled times for the Digi maintenance. Listed below is Digi's notification:


Planned Maintenance Notification

7th April 2014 (Monday)
00:01 hrs ~ 07:00 hrs GMT+8 (Morning)
CPA services unavailable across all channels

Digi Communications will be having a planned maintenance during the period indicated above. This is to ensure that we provide the highest quality of services to our valued customers.

Our Fast Recovery Center is ready to assist you if you have any issues regarding this matter.
Please contact us at +6 016 300 3000

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


For further inquiries relating to CPA services please contact Digi's Fast Recovery Center +6 016 300 3000.

If you have any technical inquiries about EVERWORKS service please contact the EVERWORKS team at cvs@everworks.com