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Saturday 4 January 2014

Favorite Posts of 2013

Another year has come by! It has been a terrific year.

To commemorate all the posts that we've done, I thought it would be appropriate for us to curate our own list of favorite posts. We all like different posts, so you will get a good pile of articles that we feel are worth reading.

Posts our readers have found really exciting this year.

How LTE affect to Malaysia's mobile content business?

A brief on the introduction of LTE. New tech brings new opportunities, but it also brings about an amount of fear, because of the unknown. This post explains how LTE affects the mobile content business for a Malaysian perspective.

What is EVERWORKS's Hybrid Bandwidth System?

What is a Hybrid Bandwidth System, and what can EVERWORKS offer you? Complex as the name may sound, a lot of what the Hybrid Bandwidth System is, actually tailored to give specific customers  a customized bandwidth service based on their bandwidth patterns.

Is SMS Marketing still important for 13th Malaysian General Election?

Political Elections of any country can cast a great amount of doubt and uncertainty, but amidst all of that, we have compiled information that could prove to be integral to your business, as we analyze habits in regards to marketing campaigns carried out by the nation's leaders to ensure that their message is received by the general public.

Posts we feel have been something that will be of great value.

European & US Companies Love Cloud Computing! But why Malaysians prefer Hybrid Colocation?

The title speaks of our intent, as we came across an interesting report that gives a good understanding on Hybrid Colocation vs Cloud Computing, and why Malaysians prefer Hybrid Colocation.

Thanksgiving - Breakfree 2013

This year for Thanksgiving EVERWORKS decided to do something to help a local cause started by college students for the toilet crisis in Cambodia, and this has opened our eyes, and brought us on a very humbling journey, as we come to realize that another person, in another place is suffering without basic amenities when we take it for granted on a daily basis.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is a baffling subject, and we decided to tackle it head on, with a compiled list of what experts claim to be common SEO mistakes that people often make.

Is SMS in Malaysia Still Relevant Today?

With the rise of smartphones and instant messaging services through the Internet, is SMS in Malaysia still relevant? We did some research and found out some interesting facts here!


Those were some exciting posts! Too bad we can't include more, but there are a host of super posts up for you to read, why don't you try them out too? Oh, looks like we got carried away with what we love, but more importantly what were your favorite posts of 2013?

Thank you all for such a wonderful year. We have a lot planned for 2014, so stand up and look out the window, because neat things will be coming your way!


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