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Wednesday 16 April 2014

SEO Tips - Google Analytics

Google Analytics, although it is free, is a very powerful tool. This free tool offered by Google isn't shallow in terms of its offerings, although most of the things on offer seem to be relatively simple. The simplicity has an unexpected depth, that is valuable to businesses who are seeking to monetize on a tight budget.

Not only can businesses in Malaysia host with a reliable hosting company within Malaysia, EVERWORKS, but this post will also serve as an informational guide to potentially boost business probability in turning potential leads into profitable conversions. 

We will look at two things:

  1. Device interaction - How your website interacts with users, through the different devices that they use.
  2. Geo Location - Which country does your content or product appeal to, and how to build a campaign that will initiate a strong movement.
The first thing we will start with is 'Device Interaction' and how we can match that up with Google Analytics to better understand SEO and make efficient your offerings. Identifying how a specific device is influencing your traffic is integral to defining which parameters are actually performing in a somewhat orderly fashion that works to your advantage.

1. Device Interaction

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More often than not small businesses face a limited budget, making it difficult for them to identify with smaller particulars that could greatly affect their influence on the potential market share that they could possibly penetrate. Thus, concluding that although most monetary functions should take initial priority, but there should be no disregard for potential viewers/customers/clients that are using specific devices to view and access what you have to offer in an easier sense.

Now that it has been identified that customer usability is important as well, the basic idea is; take a large overview of everything on Google Analytics, a brief as some may call it, to digest the most relevant information on a macro perspective so that key decisions can be narrowed down to identify which device viewers/customers/clients are actually using to access what you offer.

So let's start with Google Analytics; go to Google Analytics' page and click on 'Mobile > Overview (for a general outlook) / Devices (to better identify which device is exactly being used).

What does having user friendly, interactive, website do for you?

It gives your users an improved experience: everything your users do revolves around an experience and you would want to offer the best possible, positive, experience to your customer so that they will continue to serve 'feel good' feelings towards your offerings.

It increases average time on a website: Personally I would stay much longer on a website that is easily readable on my phone and as it would be on my computer. It is a drag when I have to zoom into websites that are just simply buggy all over the place causing fonts to move to places it shouldn't go to.

It loads websites faster: the phone does load things over a cellular network, having a lesser load not only allows websites to come up quicker, but it also makes it easy on data plans with a limit.

It gives you an added advantage over competition that don't have a device optimized website: this is a competitive advantage that will continue to be something that you can quickly capitalize on, considering that going mobile does require a certain amount of investment in both monetary and efforts.

Are Malaysian companies taking on interactivity?

Not all websites in Malaysia are taking advantage of a reliable hosting solution, let alone the importance of interactivity itself. Having a good reliable website that gives your customers information they need efficiently will greatly improve your business offerings.

2. Geo Location

Does your product attract a certain customer base of a certain country? This not only gives you an idea of where your customers are and how to best give to them what they need, whether culturally or in a language they prefer, but also in terms of latency and reliability of website availability when customers actually want to access the information of your offering.

Specified country

If I know that my customers are primarily from Malaysia for example what difference does it make?

To keep it short and simple, Malaysia is a country that has a national language of Malay, knowing that your customers are coming from Malaysia helps you to determine that your language base should also include Malay to streamline and improve customer interaction.

Should companies consider a local hosting company?

A user living far away from the server of your website will always see your website loading very slowly compared to the person who is closer to the server. A slow website always irritates the visitor (I would know because it irritates me) and that would cause them to switch to another website, making you lose valuable leads.


By using Google Analytics you can discern important information from those that can afford to be looked into later. Determining what devices your customers primarily look at and where they come from can give you unbounded potential to serve and provide a reliable service to them.

If you have something please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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