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Tuesday 8 April 2014

SEO Tips - Importance of Server Location

Server location is fundamental for International Audiences, especially for Malaysian companies.

Server Location with respect to your site rankings, traffic, and consequent success in an aspect that often gets overlooked by many site owners and one that gets minimal coverage in web design or SEO articles. Most articles are written internally by mainly American writers and therefore not giving enough attention to International audiences, especially for small countries like for example Malaysia.

Location, Localization with SEO

There is a problem that search engines have in a way split up their searches into country-specific search opportunities. Google know where you are because of the IP address allocated to PC. This impacts searches greatly on businesses, contributing to country-specific search opportunities. This can be good and bad depending on where you are, where your site is, where your customers are, where your searches are, and whether you are a search owner or not.

Location and Searches | Google Location Based Search

For a searcher in Malaysia you would have noticed awhile back that your Google sessions automatically, by default, go to www.google.com.my. Searchers in the USA are blissfully unaware of this phenomenon.

The results of your search will also be biased towards sites that are physically located within your geographic area or at least within the area surrounding it, but if you were to do the same search on the different country-specific versions of Google you would get somewhat different results.

How to win the Global Localization Game

If you are a business who has a significant traffic or client base in more than one country, it makes sense to register all the local domain names within your country. You can then build a global network of mini-sites customized specifically for those markets. (Be sure you do not blindly duplicate your website contents, because it is a breach of Google's Webmaster Guidelines)


If you are a business who has significant traffic or client base in only one country it makes sense to only register one local domain name and focus more on that specific country. Building a network mainly revolving within that market. Be careful not to spam labels, or keywords because too much of them could get Google to think you are just spamming. 

EVERWORKS helps Malaysian companies maximize local Malaysian traffic

EVERWORKS's Hybrid Network is designed for our datacenter hosting clients who need to serve generally more Malaysian based traffic compared to International traffic; most of their site traffic is from Malaysia. EVERWORKS is a leading Datacenter Hosting Provider (DHP) in Malaysia, that deploys a Hybrid Bandwidth System that allows its customers to customize their bandwidth pattern.


What are your thoughts? Please share what you have to say about Server Location and SEO in the comments section below.


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