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Saturday 5 April 2014

Save Energy for your Business | Malaysia

Going green has been a hot topic for the most part of these past few years, where the focus has been to reduce what we use, and to ensure that anything that we use is used carefully with as minimal wastage as possible.

Going Green does have positive implications that may draw business interest, apart from saving the planet as a whole. Having a commitment to reduce use, and to maximize use without wastage is already defining the idea of cost maximizing measures.

It isn't rocket science. Use what you need, and make sure what you use creates as little impact on the environment as possible. Even better if the byproduct of what you have used can be reused cleanly.

Improve your power factor

Power Factor is simply put to be the effectiveness of your machine. If your machine requires more power to perform tasks that another machine would, it simply means that your machine has a low power factor.

The solution is simple. Increase your power factor, your machines would then use less electricity to produce the results you require, resulting in a healthier electricity bill.

(For TNB subscribers - Malaysian based companies - increasing your power factor comes with better perks. You avoid having to pay an additional 1.5% to 3% on power factor surcharge. Further reading: Power Factor Surcharges.)

Use light wisely

Lighting is a topic that draws a lot of debate, how much is actually too much light. Do workers perform better under dimmer light or under brighter conditions? According to Hawthorne Studies where the initial focus was on on the level of illumination in manufacturing facilities where it was expected that in brighter conditions workers would have improved performance, but there was insufficient evidence showing to this relationship. The conclusion is to find the right balance between what works for the workers as well as the business's costs.

Here are some alternatives to reducing electricity costs even further:

  1. Install timed room lighting. Where times during the day lights would switch off (in places that there are ample natural light).
  2. Install motion-sensor to reduce wastage of lights in bathrooms, storage, and places with little traffic.
  3. Increase more natural light accessibility as possible.

Air conditioning

Air conditioners were created to create a comfortable environment to work in. Raising the temperature settings by 1°C can have a significant effect on your electricity bill, and have little effect on everyone working.

Off-peak hours operations bonus

Re-scheduling your operations to run electricity dependent equipment during off-peak hours, will increase your savings up to 20%. Find out more here.

Host in Malaysia, and Reduce Costs with EVERWORKS

EVERWORKS houses over 200 Dedicated and Colocation servers over 3 Major Data centers in Malaysia. Having a wide range of data centers allow you to choose the best network blueprint to suit your business requirements. Use EVERWORKS Colocation service with confidence, as the service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, world class data centers at your disposal, the lowest price guaranteed, and an unbeatable switch option to any EVERWORKS existing server of your choice with no Migration Fee imposed.

Find out more on EVERWORKS Colocation here.
Further reading: EVERWORKS's Colocation Usage Policy?

Find out more on Electricity in Malaysia from TNB Malaysia | Image by PSD Blast


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