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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Google's Secret Search Algorithm "Hummingbird"

Recently Google has been answering questions; literally answering questions. It suddenly seems like we can finally talk to the machine by asking it questions just like how a normal human would. There is a reason to this. Google recently, "silently", switched over to their new search algorithm they call the "Hummingbird".

Google announced this, Thursday 26th September 2013, hosted in a garage that both founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin back then when Google just started to grow to become more successful.

The main focus, repeated many times, was that the new Hummingbird algorithm allows Google to parse full questions quicker and to identify and rank answers to those questions from the content that they have indexed.

The big question.

As for how it'll affect search results (the main concern of every SEO following) the new search algorithm was implemented silently over the past few weeks! Right under our noses, and if it hasn't affected any of your search engine placements (mainly drops in ranking), I believe that people should start shifting their focus to addressing more human questions. Solving day to day needs and that could prop to be the future of search and could be greatly influential in determining whether or not what you offer would provide for the needs of the searcher.

Organic understanding of human cognitive behavior? Perhaps the future isn't too far away anymore, with the rapid growth in technology, and the growing popularity for hardware to embrace a more human touch.

  1. Where do you think Google is going with their search?
  2. Will you think Google Hummingbird would affect search rankings?

Photograph of Hummingbird by Dan Ripplinger  | Referenced from TechCrunch


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