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Saturday 23 November 2013

Multi-site Colocation - How it helps you.

Just how does the structure of a multi-site colocation help you?

You need robust or custom hardware and/or a lot of bandwidth. Managed hosting doesn't give you the flexibility that you need, because the provider would have already specified the hardware that they will use and you only get what 'class' to choose from the list that they have already pre-specified. With colocation you are in total control and can implement anything that would give you the most bang for your buck.

You need to set up server clusters, load balancing, redundant hardware, etc. These are beyond the realms of managed hosting and will never be managed hosting.

You need to host content or services not allowed by most managed hosting providers. Managed Hosting providers place restrictions on their service and it can be difficult to do something, but Colocation service providers provide no restrictions normally as long as it's legal. The sky's the limit!

You want freedom from arbitrary or costly limits. Managed hosting providers will typically impose a range of limits and things can get frustrating - and for these limits to be lifted you would be required to pay for such a privilege. With colocation it imposes no such limits and you will pay more if your power/cabinet space or bandwidth usage increases but you will enjoy the bulk of everything more cost-effectively as you grow.

You want/need to be in control. There could be a thousand reasons why, but the bottom line is that YOU need to be in the driver's seat of your Internet project, and Colocation puts you there.

Escalating costs, and greater volatility represents a large representation of today's economy. Costs are a big problem, but it shouldn't weigh down your more important revenue activities.

Hassles in hosting, can be a tedious mess. Cabling coupled with troublesome hardware engineering just doesn't help with freeing up your time so that you can focus on making money.

What if you could move everything to a place that has everything? An ISP-level Internet Connection, uninterruptible power supply, fire detection systems, and accredited managed security.

The EVERWORKS Multi-site Colocation is backed with SLA Guarantees to give you peace of mind, and much more so that you can concentrate on what is most important.


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