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Wednesday 6 November 2013

DDoS Attack Report & Infographic for Q3 2013

Prolexic observed many interesting metrics that illustrate significant changes in DDoS attack methodologies, most notably a shift away from SYN floods to UDP-based attacks, and the rapid adoption of Distributed Reflection Denial of Service (DrDoS) attacks.

In previous reports, Prolexic has focused on the use of the BroDoS toolkit to generate high-bandwidth attacks using misconfigured servers. Reflection attacks use a different kind of bot and require a different type of server to spoof the target IP. Prolexic believes the adoption of DrDoS attacks is likely to continue, as fewer bots are required to generate high volumes of attack traffic due to reflection and amplification techniques. Another advantage, which may contribute to the increasing adoption of DrDoS attacks, is the anonymity provided by spoofing IP addresses.

We, at EVERWORKS has been working very closely with Prolexic for our DDoS protection solution to protect our critical clients. Recently, Prolexic has just shared with us some interesting report of their Q3 global DDoS attack report for 2013.

To have the full copy of this report, please download the report like below: 

  1. Prolexic Quarterly Global DDoS Attack Report - Q3 2013
  2. Attack Report Infographic Q3 2013


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