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Sunday 24 November 2013

Google's Hummingbird Impact on Malaysian Social Marketers

Recently Google has been answering questions; literally answering questions. It suddenly seems like we can finally talk to the machine by asking it questions just like how a normal human would. There is a reason to this. Google recently, "silently", switched over to their new search algorithm they call the "Hummingbird".

1. Improve mobile's web search experience

Mobile is obviously a major focus for Google, and Hummingbird is a way for Google to announce itself that Google takes mobile seriously. Google wants mobile users to in a way interact with search in a more streamlined approach, by overhauling their entire search algorithm, to better serve mobile results. Something social media marketers should really pay attention to.

Stuff that make your mobile website that bit better:

  • Make your website responsive
  • Optimize your site for speed
  • Fix smartphone only errors!
2. Connect your blog to your Google+ profile

According to Google,

“Using authorship helps searchers discover great information by highlighting content from authors who they might find interesting. If you’re an author, signing up for authorship will help users recognize content that you’ve written. Additionally, searchers can click the byline to see more articles you’ve authored or to follow you on Google+”.

3. Create and publish to your Google+ profile

Hummingbird was tailored as an algorithm for providing better answers to your "organic" queries and Google Plus was created to have a greater social presence. That being said, Google is heavily focusing on Plus, for trends towards social search. Google Plus should be at the foundation of these future social trend searches.

Hummingbird is important, and why you should pay attention to it.

Mobile keyboard. While many may continue to type with their phones when searching, however awkward it may seem to be typing with a mobile keyboard however efficient it may be designed to be it still takes quite some bit of effort to make sure you stop tapping on the wrong alphabets! Over time, people are going to naturally float to more organic search methods like voice, and voice queries are far more likely to happen as compared to magically reading your brains, which could be an intrusion of privacy. With all things search Google tends to want to be number 1, that means Google wants to dominate mobile search.

"Real" speech patterns. Google Hummingbird learns, this two year-old child has just learned a few very basic concepts, but it represents the fundamental learning blocks for it to go forward, and a lot of its learning is derived from a huge amount of information in the Google atmosphere. Imagine as it continues to learn and understand what is truly organic.

Knowledge Graph. Natural language is just another piece of the puzzle, as Google Hummingbird seeks to maybe do the latter, understanding complex types of user intent.

Hummingbird. How will it affect you?

Is keyword still important or will it disappear?

Well essentially it won't go away totally, as keywords are important to language, and it is necessary for the existence of keywords, because without it not much accuracy can be translated even in day-to-day speech!

You need to understand your prospects intents!

This is what Google is trying to get you to do, find out what it is that users really want instead of just keywords. As a publisher, you should focus more attention on building pages for different needs and intentions of the potential customers for your products and services. Start thinking, because you wouldn't want to miss this train!

Semantic is the new king

Content used to be King, and in some sense that holds some truth, but consider content to have become slightly more complex as the human race matures, and as semantic meaning becomes easy, maybe in the future Google would implement something new that would be on the tips of our tongues all over again!

Everything is a journey. What is Hummingbird to you?

What else is there about Hummingbird that you know that you could share with all of us?

With the world growing at a rapid pace, it seems to be that knowledge is the key to any future. (please if you feel this statement is wayward in anyway, feel free to challenge it!)


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