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Tuesday 22 June 2021

A Unique Way to Drive More Sales

Disaster struck. After spending hours updating your work. It disappeared after you hit save. In most cases you would jump and reach out quickly to the nearest person you feel might be able to help you and more often than not, the person would reply, "Mmm. That's interesting".

The way your solution expert responds is actually fairly interesting. Most people in similar situations would react with curiosity when something went wrong.

The Secret Power of Getting Interested

When we're selling, we often react. Instead, you should stop to consider how we might have created that problem instead. And more often than not, the reaction is actually what would make the problem worse.

Think about the last time a sales conversation went bad. How often do you actually stop and say, "Mmm. That's interesting?".

Now think about what could happen if you were actually constantly curious about why your prospects actually reacted the way they did.

Let's analyse this

If a prospect was rude and just "didn't understand you". Rather than react simply stop and think, "Mmm. That's interesting..."

  • Could it be because of how you explained the value of your service?
  • Did you not ask enough questions?
  • Were you pushing the prospect to make a decision he wasn't ready to make?
  • Perhaps he wasn't the right person?

There's a trend here

Whether you're an experienced pro or new to selling, you get better faster by continually questioning and evaluating your results.

You should always maintain your curiosity and you will improve. Pay attention to the times when the conversation was challenging for you. Why you might have lost to a specific competitor?

Make note of things when they both go according to plan or does not. And if it turned out better than you expected, it's important to recognise what's working well too.


Observing your own sales interactions and experimenting with new approaches is the fastest route to driving more sales.


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