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Monday, 12 May 2014

EVERWORKS Group Meeting - April 2014

Recently, everyone at EVERWORKS got together to introduce the work they have accomplished, discuss together how we can progressively move forward to serve our customers better, and to get to know what other departments do everyday!

Everyone was eager and excited to share what they had in mind, and it proved to be a fruitful event as we all managed to identify what were the problems we faced, and how we could collectively move forward as a team.

We are working hard to make a change, because we see a boundless future that we can step into and improve! Keep in touch with us through our Blog or Facebook as we discover new things that could impact you in a positive way, tips that could help strengthen your business, user friendly self-managed support, and updates on what the company is doing. 

Have a suggestion on what we could do to help you better? Don't hesitate to contact us through private message on our Facebook for a discussion. Find out more about EVERWORKS and what we do through our website EVERWORKS.com

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