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Wednesday 7 May 2014

EVERWORKS Data Center Migration - Quick Checklist

Here is a quick checklist from an EVERWORKS specialist, Wong. He shares with us just what is needed in a brief quick session, if more help is needed contact cvs@everworks.com.

Important Note: EVERWORKS offers clients a 1 week free trial for IDC services (this is a benefit for clients to test out our network routes and connectivity for their applications and hardware). After ensuring that the tests have been carried out accordingly, then will EVERWORKS only prepare a rack space, implement network cabling, and install IP.

Data Center Migration, is quite a mouthful and can be rather intimidating, but here is a quick checklist that we use for new or even existing customers:

1. Schedule a meeting

  • There will be a scheduled appointment arranged with you (our customer) to define what are the your requirements, the roles and needed responsibilities.
  • Next up is to visit our Data Center (an arranged tour facility), mainly for you to have a look and feel to what you are investing in; power, cooling, security, protection, floor space, technical support, etc.
  • A technical team will be built and responsibilities assigned for the particular Migration Project.
  • Draw back and conclude, define, and ensure that all areas of required expertise are sufficiently covered.

2. Data Center Site is provided for you to test critical applications and server hardware

  • Rack space placement is prepared, network & internet connectivity is tested, network cabling is carried out, power management, and installation of IP addresses.
  • Ensure that your hardware is fully operational.
  • Ensure that your critical applications are running without any issues. (If there are any issues, what solution is required)
  • Ensure that your networking equipment is fully operational.

  • Provide solutions for any problems identified thus far.
  • Constant communication to ensure that everything is accurately understood between all parties involved.

3. Time-line is prepared and move date determined

  • Backups of critical data is performed and verified, before the Migration Project begins.
  • Plans for business interruption is put into place. (Time period of server temporary shutdown)
  • Moving of all hardware.
  • Transportation of hardware.

4. Finalizing Migration

Once the Migration has been completed, everything is checked and an inventory is defined to ensure that everything is in place. 

Your migration should be successful and without any problems by the end of this exercise.


If you any further inquiries please contact EVERWORKS support at +603-78063550 or cvs@everworks.com


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