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Wednesday 20 March 2019

You're Missing Out on This Trick Where Customers Are 82.4% More Likely to Shop

A recent survey done by Technology Advice show results to the power and results of consumer loyalty programs.

Respondents said that they would be 82.4% "more likely" to shop at stores that offered loyalty programs, compared to 17.6% of respondents who are "less likely" to do so.

Businesses that ignore this may in turn forfeit on this consumer demographic. 

Although card-based loyalty programs are the tried-and-true marketing tactic that have been around for years, there has been a sudden shift in industry indicating a transformation to meet the digital age and rise of smartphones.

Malaysia has seen a strong 140% mobile phone penetration rate and this gives opportunity to further distribute a cost-effective multi-channel marketing program through SMS Delivery

The survey further adds that based on the responses that were collected and analyzed consumers are not only open to, but welcoming of such efforts. While consumers remain uncertain of fully-digital reward programs (decidedly against social rewards), but there is a widespread desire for both smartphone apps and exclusive incentives.

How to take advantage of SMS Delivery to monetize on this opportunity?

Exclusive incentive as mentioned above is one of many innovative measures that your business could undertake to further provide incentives to consumers to participate actively with a responsive business that makes effort to provide to loyal customers rewards.

Take advantage of exclusive access to VIP Status instant notification feature

Consumers desire VIP status perks more so than social-based-rewards.

This can be very encouraging for businesses which have already installed loyalty programs based around rewards and perks. There is an incentive to save money overall, but they show strong preference for VIP-style incentives, and given the data according to Technology Advice businesses should consider a "tiered" or level-based system.

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For more information about the survey referenced above please visit here.

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