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Wednesday 13 March 2019

Don't Lose Customers With This Secret Method From Uber


Uber has generated a lot of media attention of late and it seems to be a growing trend to have almost everyone using the Uber mobile app to move around the city. In some cities like Seattle you can order lunch from within the Uber app.

This was all good until the company realized that there was a big problem for its ever popular feature UberEATS as there is a large group of people that ordered food from outside of the app and with every meal that isn't being on the app represents lost opportunity for the company. 

Solution to the problem

The solution... SMS Marketing! Uber sends text messages to users that have opted-in not only to remind them that the app is on their mobile device, but to also let them know what is on the menu for the day. The SMS Marketing campaign started when Uber prompted its users to subscribe via text message.

Character limitation isn't the end of the world

Although it is widely known that an SMS message, which is limited to 160 characters of text (including hyperlinks) gives the sender a limitation to what can be sent. This problem can be solved by sending messages through MMS marketing by including an image as part of the message sent.

Alternative to Uber: Peach Case Study

The likelihood of implementing an application that has steep initial cost requirements can be a major stumbling block for the majority of small and medium firms in Malaysia, but there is a way to overcome this. 

For example: Peach (a restaurant also in Seattle) uses MMS, but unlike UberEATS where you click through to open the app and place your order, Peach allows you to simply reply "YES" (a MO Keyword) via text message to place your oder. Included in the message is a link that shows more information about the dish prompting the user to proceed to the mobile web to find out more.


It is increasingly common for mobile apps to use text message marketing to increase app downloads, especially when there is a 92% conversion rate, it is rare to see text message marketing used to keep users engaged outside of the app. This could be a "break the status quo" innovation in exploring different communication channels that would best serve your businesses consumer demographic needs. 

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