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Friday 23 August 2013

Business Email - Step 1: Which Email?

Last month we concluded on a series on how to Build Your Startup Internet and Mobile Business to help you with starting up really quick and easy. 

When considering Business Email, the first thing you need to consider is where to run it on-premise or hosted. When making your decision you should consider 3 major, broad factors, as we move through this Business Email Guide.

Here are the 3 things to consider:

Value: Is what you pay for worth every penny you spend?
With non-revenue generating applications like email required by almost all, businesses sink in large amounts of money, while gaining no business advantage on having an email that works. Although, the Business Email, can be used as a channel to stay in touch with leads that could lead to a generation of revenue, and having email that works helps that; email is after all only just a channel for communication. However, businesses risk their reputation with their customers when their email doesn't work. Should you consider to host internally or to whisk off everything to a dedicated email provider, is a tough decision to make.

Most businesses are unaware of the heavy costs of email-specifc IT Assets could incur them. A wrong security patch, could leave them vulnerable and eventually cost thousands to rectify. Everything else that follows owning, and maintaining a server is also put into play; space, cooling, electricity, technicians, software, etc.

Support: Is help readily available when you need them most?
"Oh No! There is an outrage going on, the email server is down! Just what is wrong with it? Can't it just stay up for us to stay in touch. Just when I need to send out that important email."

Do you face this issue often? Can you afford to lose time troubleshooting or have an online response waiting to solve any problem that you may encounter? Of course this assumes that you have picked a package with a responsive support! Determining the level of support you require is how much in-house expertise is available and the amount of control you require for your business email.

Features: What does your email need to do for you?
Consider all the nitty-gritty things that users complain about, against the required heavy capital investment remedy. Should you be investing a large budget and long hours, or offload to an email provider that is already ready to service everything you need at a fraction of what you would have invested into initially?

Business Email, can be complicated; but consider these 3 broad factors and take it into account. Consider every possible scenario before coming to a decision.

For better assistance consider seeking help from our ever ready reliable support. (read more on our "No Fuss. 6 Hour Response.")

Tell us what you think:

  1. Are Business Emails a headache?
  2. Should Businesses consider emails an asset or a liability?

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