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Wednesday 18 December 2013

10 OS X Mavericks Keyboard Shortcuts

What it takes to be productive

Focus. It seems to be rather elusive of late and doesn't really help you when times are getting more and more difficult. It can be rather draining when you find yourself working for 'hours' and not get anything done at all. Times like this call for some drastic action. Right now you could be needing to do 3 very important things. Here is the trick. Pick only one. Eliminate the rest. 

Now that the task is clear, destroy all other forms of attraction. Bookmark all your tabs, and only leave the one tab open that is going to work for you.

Then from here, just dive in.

How to reduce clutter

There is a time in life where everyone is faced with a whole lot of clutter, when things just get out of hand, and continue to pile up in an endless clutter. The answer is simple. Declutter.

Actions that you must take. Now.

How to do just that? Well how do you get started? Let's do it in simple steps:

  1. Take 10 minutes today to sort through a pile of clutter.
  2. Ask relevant questions like: Do i really really really need this?
  3. Stop after 10 minutes don't do too much. It will eventually turn into a negative action which doesn't make decluttering a little more pleasant that what it is.
Here are some of the 10 shortcuts that I use when I am on my Mac. (Sorry Windows folks, I will get to that bit in the future!)

1. Command + Shift + 3

Full-screenshot (for times when you want to remember something really quick and it will just pop onto your desktop with no hassles! 

2. Command + Shift + 4

For the time when you really want to screenshot something very specific (and this also pops onto your desktop)

3. Command + Tab

Change between active applications quickly from your desktop!

4. Command + N

when in Finder this creates a quick New folder.

5. Command + [

Go back in Finder.

6. Command + ]

Go forwards in Finder

7. Command + Delete

move files in Finder to trash

8. Command + Spacebar

launch spotlight!

9. Command + W

Close window

10. Spacebar

preview highlighted items in finder
Most of these shortcuts, really help when times are tough. Rushing to complete deadlines, or finish work that seems to be piling up! All of these help a ton.

If you have more and would like to share how you use these in a creative way, or how it helps you to declutter let us know what you think!

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