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Thursday 11 December 2014

SMS Delivery Gateway FAQ

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EVERWORKS SMS Delivery Solution provides a domestic (Malaysia) and global services. The prices quoted are free from hidden charges, monthly fees, setup costs, and monthly rent. Additionally, EVERWORKS does not disclose or sell any information to any third party provider, unless in the case where information is required by law, or court to help in the jurisdiction and carrying out of justice.

Here are some frequently asked questions that are customers have for us:

1. Is there a minimum purchase requirement? What is the validity for this purchase?

Yes there is a minimum purchase requirement. You are required to purchase a minimum of 3000 credits for the first purchase. This purchase is valid for one year. For validity to be renewed after the one year initial validity you would be required to make additional purchases for renewal to occur.

2. What is your coverage?

EVERWORKS cannot guarantee that all SMS Messages will reach its designated recipient, as the messages can be routed to other gateways, out of the control of EVERWORKS. Additionally, MNP mobile phone numbers may not receive SMS Messages.

3. Is there Unicode Message support? Does this affect the maximum character count?

Yes, there is Unicode Message Support. The maximum character count would be 70.

4. Will my designated SMS recipients receive 2 SMS when I exceed the 160 maximum character count?

No, your SMS recipients would not receive 2 SMS as EVERWORKS supports a long-sms service that ensures that your content is delivered as 1 SMS.

5. When has the SMS been successfully sent to the designated recipient's mobile phone?

When the status has changed to "DELIVERED" it has been successfully sent to the designated recipient's mobile phone.

6. What is your global network coverage?

Currently our coverage includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

7. What does the API do?

API is provided to clients with intention to integrate our SMS Delivery Gateway with their ERP or CRM softwares. 

Here are the quick 7 FAQ's for EVERWORKS SMS Delivery Gateway. For further information you can refer to our SMS Delivery Gateway page.

Are there more questions you would like to ask? Feel free to leave us a comment below, or find us on Facebook.


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