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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Portal To The Future

A leap into the future, at least what seems to be the future. Just what is in store for all of us is mind boggling. Just imagine the possibilities that could readily shape our dreams, from potentially building a bridge into space, or delving deeper into the virtual realms created by numbers and powered by computers.

What is growing right now right at our doorstep? Organic human interaction has always been the goal, where technology would harmoniously function with human daily activities; where technology would no longer be considered a burden, but apart of everyday life, helping us to perform tasks to move the human race forward.

Shift in the way we interact with machines
Right now the known method of interaction is when we use an input device that the machine can recognize. At least that was the known method until the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Where natural, organic human movements interacted with the machine. Now with the introduction of new technology where humans can interact with the virtual space with organic movements seem to be taking light.

Leap Motion looking to launch in July, and by placing a monitor in front of your eyes, Google Glass, the world is embracing technology and machines like it has never seen before. Social interaction is taking a twist back to reality, interacting with people and how they use it in everyday life.

Here comes exciting new tech.

Tell us what you think:

  1. How will this adapt to the Malaysian atmosphere?
  2. Where do you think technology is leading us to?

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Google Glass Image | Watch Image Pebble | Resourced from Smashing Magazine 


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