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Friday 13 September 2013

Business Email - Step 4: Email Options

We recently published our Business Email series to help you with your business email management strategy. As each post is posted up, we will dive deeper into each chapter to discover a better business management strategy.
Catch up on the previous chapters here: Step one, two, and three.

Knowing which email, hosting email, and requirements doesn't just stop there!

Find out what is the easiest solution available for you. Here is an easy breakdown of what you need to know most importantly.

EVERWORKS offers a simple all in one email solution that services almost every major need.

Here we have a breakdown of EVERWORKS's email offerings:

BasicWorks, MidWorks, and PremiumWorks suggests what the name actually means. Choose what is best for you! (Still not sure what to choose? Worry not, drop us an email and we will gladly help you out!)

This concludes our Business Email series! Hopefully this has given you plenty insight on how to manage and choose email. Stay tuned for more!

Tell us what you think:

  1. What are your thoughts on the options given?
  2. Between BasicWorks, MidWorks, and PremiumWorks which would you choose and for what purpose?

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