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Thursday 6 March 2014

Cloud Database

This is something I wanted to share with readers as they read and find out more about. A lot of topics revolving technology can be over the top and filled with jargon. Stuff normal people just don't get. So I thought through this approach it would be informational for any person who might come across this article.

What is a Cloud Database?

A Cloud Database is simply a database that runs on a Cloud Computing Platform. There are generally two methods that you could go about Cloud Database, one option being able to run independently on a virtual machine image, or you could go for the more straightforward option that is to purchase a database service offered by a cloud service provider.


Increased accessibility

The cloud is known for increased ability for any user to access required data and information on the go from anywhere. It allows for users to fix any known issues, or add data as and when it is most crucial or required.

Automated failover

Failover servers are redundant servers built for the event of failure or abnormal termination. 

Fast automated recovery

With automated failover servers readily in place in any case of failure, quick automated recovery is possible.

automated on the go scaling

With in-house hardware servers it isn't possible to immediately demand for an increase of power and scale down when power isn't required.

minimal investment and maintenance of in-house hardware

Ability to rent servers greatly reduce initial high investment for hardware servers.

and possible better performance

With Cloud Service Providers constantly having stiff competition, the ability for these service providers to provide their customers with the best possible service. 


potential privacy & security issues

As with most cloud services the main issue that worries most users is the ability for service providers to provide an increased ability for privacy and ensure that data security is well in place.

Common deployment methods

virtual machine image

Build a hypothetical computer emulate a computer architecture and functions of a real world computer.


Data-Base-as-a-Service is a service that is managed by a Cloud Operators with already ready application functions that allow application developers freedom from the need of database experts and database administrators (DBA) to manage the database. 

What database is more better suited to Cloud?

NoSQL databases (included within NoSQL: Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, and MongoDB) are inherently better suited to the cloud, as they are more scalable and build to service heavy loads.


Does this explain enough of Cloud Databases to you? What is your take on Cloud Databases, would you use it or would you not use it?

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