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Friday 28 February 2014

Deploy Your Mobile Initiatives Faster

Deploy your mobile initiatives faster

So you have this great new product, or your business is an amazing service that is going to solve a very big problem, but just how do you get people to know about your amazing product or service? As a saying goes, no matter how great your business or product is, your business isn't great if people don't use your service or product, and for people to use your service or product they first have to know of its existence. 

What better way than to penetrate the market using the mobile space? You could potentially reach 3000 people for as little as RM420 ($130). Find out more here.

Mobile initiatives should not differ from the deployment of any other project!

Deploying your mobile initiatives should be structured, and efficient. With the necessary steps put into place your mobile initiatives would be deployed faster.

Identify what it is you are trying to convey.

Filter through everything that you want to convey. Strip it down. Find out the essence of your full-blown marketing sentence and only give what actually matters. Words filled with clutter, (a lot of different focuses) disorientate readers and give too much for anyone to remember. Help them decipher what it is you really want them to know, and readers would be grateful for it.

Research on who you are reaching out to.

Are you talking to children, young-working adults, or adults? Women or Men? These things matter. Find out what makes them tick, should your words be more masculine or should it be soft and feminine? Does it reflect your brand promise? Would it be acceptable to speak in a certain manner to these people?

Create an appropriate Call to Action.

Call to Actions are a sensitive topic. Too strong of a Call to Action immediately turns off people. Too weak and nothing happens. Find the right balance between strong and weak. *what not to do is further elaborated below.

Deploy and collect analytics on performance.

All the planning and preparation is nothing without the action actually being carried out. A planner does nothing to make things happen. A great plan kept inside the drawer won't live up to what it is meant to do. Don't procrastinate and just get it done!


Deployment. This isn't the end of everything. Analytics collection help determine what it is that was effective so that it can be used again or is there something that could have been improved? Feedback, the honeypot of valuable information that could improve your approach to customers. You would know what they prefer and how they want to be approached in future.


Earlier discussed a strong Call to Action is necessary for your potential customers/consumers to move to commit to an action. Here are two (2) Call to Actions that you should avoid:

1. Weak or no Call to Action

We often have this thought, but lets not assume that everyone knows exactly what to do. Sometimes it isn't to downgrade anyone, but it can be rather overwhelming for any first time visitor to know something immediately, when he/she is already tasked with figuring out what exactly it is you can offer to them, or whether they like you based on the first impression, they are experiencing.

2. Too Strong of a Call to Action

As I move along happily receive an SMS all of the sudden I am hit with a JOIN NOW pop up. What could be more terrifying than that? In the back of my head, it is spam or this is just another one of those schemes and not worth my attention. Now why would you want to give your 'potential' customers that feeling when you could ask them in a nicer manner?


New to mobile? Need a faster and cheaper way to jump in to the mobile industry with industry professional support? Open up possibilities to 'mobilize' your business!

photo by Irita Kirsbluma


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