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Thursday 19 June 2014

Set Up Your Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

Malaysians should greatly consider Facebook as a medium for marketing, because of its high potential for it. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is the world's #1 social network. Facebook offers access to an incredibly diverse audience that spans globally, to different ages, and interests. Southeast Asia has more than 190 million Internet users according to Techinasia. In 2012, according to Internet World Stats Malaysia alone has approximately 13 million Facebook users, 46.6% penetration.

This makes sense for marketers to have a Facebook strategy. You don't need to be an International business to only benefit from Facebook. Considering that there is a large amount of local Malaysian Facebook users it makes sense for local businesses to get involved as well to target very specific types of users, generate more awareness, and find potentially new business leads.

Here is a case study from EVERWORKS.com Malaysia's leading Colocation Hosting, Server Colocation Services and Mobile Hosting Provider, "Implementing Facebook has been a great way for EVERWORKS to keep our customers informed over scheduled server maintenance, important announcements, festive greetings, and Facebook has also allowed us to keep a closer, more personal, relationship with our customers. It has increased awareness on EVERWORKS brand, while at the same time keeping costs relatively reasonable, as compared to more conventional means."

Before jumping in on the bandwagon and getting ahead of yourself, the first most important thing to do is to create a Facebook Page for your business, which is relatively simple to do. Here I will take you through all 3 steps to set up a basic page.

Business vs Personal

With all things in the beginning, you need to first identify whether you are a Business or Personal user. This is fundamental because there are differences for businesses and personal Facebook accounts, representing in a Business Page and a Personal Profile. Personal profiles are designed for individual persons, with features and options that make connecting and engaging with friends easier. By contrast, Business Pages provide options to help promotion and marketing. Business Pages offer ways to connect with more people, more targeted advertising, plus a big bonus of analytics through Facebook Insights that would give information on what type or how your advertising is responding to conceived Facebook marketing plans.

Additional notes: If you are promoting yourself as a "brand", it might seem logical to use your profile page to promote yourself, but I would recommend a Business Page instead. A separation between personal and business is healthy, and the Business Page does offer some technical advantages, such as allowing for additional page managers, Facebook Insights (discussed earlier), and others.

Step 1: Create a Page

There are two options for creating a Business Page

  1. Set it up from your Facebook profile
  2. Create a new account for your business.
If the second choice is what you are going for, all you need to do is, log-out of your profile and click "sign-up" from the Facebook homepage and then choose "create a page". The disadvantage of separating accounts is that you would just have to deal with another password, and you would have to log-out and log-back-in to access the other account.

Personally I prefer to administer my Pages from my personal profile. It is just easier to manage and I can move between accounts freely. 

Note: People who like your Business Page can't see your Personal Profiles.

To create a Business Page from your Personal Profile, click on the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your profile and choose "Create a page", and walk through the Facebook Page creation  steps.

Quick Tip:

  1. Profile photos should be at least 180 x 180 pixels when uploaded.
  2. Facebook will automatically publish your page, so before you go any further, unpublish it. This allows you the time to tweak it until it looks nice before introducing it to the world. To unpublished a page, go to Edit Page, then Edit Settings, and click Unpublish Page. When you are ready and satisfied go back to the same place and Publish your page.

Step 2: Complete your Page Info

With most of the formalities out of the way, it is time to dig deeper and spend a little more time on your Business Page (the stuff that matter). Add a long description, or tweak your short description. Short descriptions are meant to be short, so try to keep it less than 155 characters and include your website URL too. This will show up under your Business Page's profile photo so make sure it is a quick brief and it allows for your fans to click easily to your website. Include keywords to help with Search Engine Optimization - SEO - (everything counts).

further reading: Find out more about SEO, the common mistakes people make, and more.

Choose a unique Facebook Business Page address to make it easier for people to find your Business Page.

This is an example of EVERWORKS's Facebook Business Page URL:

Be careful to get it right the first time, because Facebook shows no mercy, for once your Facebook Business Page address has been set it can never be changed.

Step 3: Cover Photo

The last step (until further updates come along) is to upload a cover photo. Also Facebook has recently relaxed its 20% rule - further reading: Facebook Page guidelines. Now cover photos can include more text, which allows for more promotions, but even with this added advantage you should aim for a clean, uncluttered image. Cover photos should be sized at 851x315 pixels. It would be the best if your cover photo could attract the people in which you are targeting, and not just focus on plain advertising.

Now that your page is complete and you are happy with everything don't forget to publish your Business Page that was previously set in unpublish mode so that it would allow you to prepare everything.

Show us your pages? Take a screenshot and share them with us in the comments section below!

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