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Monday 30 June 2014

How to Report Abuse to EVERWORKS

As you browse the Internet often you expect to find content that are relevant to you, but there are times when you will come across content hosted by EVERWORKS that doesn't meet ethical standards, or come to realize a breach in EVERWORKS usage policy or any other kind of inappropriate Internet activity originating from the use of an EVERWORKS service. Sometimes if you receive inappropriate Internet activity that come from EVERWORKS, it is understandable for our EVERWORKS users to be angered, but it is my goal in this post to provide you with background that you need to understand on behavior that we don't condone - what we consider as abuse of our services - might occur on our platform and what we do when we learn about it.

Email Subject & Its Importance

When facing an issue, the EVERWORKS team really wants to help you resolve it effectively. For us to effectively look into your issue, please include relevant subject lines in your email. Clearly define in your subject line if the issue you face is 'Spam', 'Phishing', 'DDoS Attack', or any other form of abuse that you are currently facing. This helps us identify the issue you are facing effectively.

Tips to consider

  1. Include Evidence: Without evidence that is clear we are unable to relay a complaint to our customer. 
  2. Use Keywords : We use email to handle abuse cases, and a clear subject line is really useful for us including just the word "Spam" or "Phishing" or "DDoS attacks" or others. (Include dates so we can see when you last sent it.
  3. Follow Up: We work very hard to investigate and solve all complaints, but due to volume, we don't normally respond to individual emails, but if the issue has not yet been resolved, please feel free to contact us again.
  4. Be Respectful: We will only forward evidence and documents that we have to customers that are performing any form of abuse, none of the other parts of your email get sent, so the only people reading profanity are the hardworking EVERWORKS support team. We understand that it is frustrating to be on the receiving end, but please be professional and try to understand our position!!

Common Types of Abuse

The most common types of abuse reported to EVERWORKS are spam, phishing and DDoS attacks. All three will be handled by a 24 hour response team (find out more on EVERWORKS's 6-Hour support response guarantee), but handled differently, so it is critical for me to break down each problem so that you can compile everything for you to be able to report any issue efficiently to our team. Yes, you are on the receiving end of this, and in the thick of the action it is easy to leave out critical information for the EVERWORKS team to determine your problems, so to make it easy for us to solve your problem quickly here are the different types of abuse and the best ways of approaching it and what are the best ways to report it to the EVERWORKS team:


Spam is the most common abuse of the three that gets reported to EVERWORKS. In short, spam email are emails that are sent to you without your consent, email you have not asked to receive, causing your email to clog up, hindering your every day email tasks. Rest assured that wherever the spammer is whether it is a direct EVERWORKS customer or an indirect customer, it is the EVERWORKS team's responsibility to help you stop it.

When you receive spam sent through EVERWORKS, you should forward it directly to our support team (cvs@everworks.com), and the matter will be looked into.

Our team needs:

  1. A full copy of the email, which you have received, with everything intact.
  2. Email Headers. Email headers help tell the story about where those emails are coming from or which customer we need to contact to stop this abuse.


Phishing is another person who is claiming to be you, or a trusted service that you regularly use, to gain sensitive information. Phishing is a serious issue that the EVERWORKS team faces. Any user may be fooled at any time into giving up personal credit card, or banking information or login information and we don't want that to happen. (Take some time to do a Phishing Test by SonicWall just so you know how difficult it is to identify Phishing)

When you come across Phishing contact our support team (cvs@everworks.com), and this matter will be looked into.

Our team needs:

  1. The Website's URL. This is for a site that is hosted under EVERWORKS committing a phishing abuse.
  2. If you went to a phishing site through email, include a full copy of the email (including the email headers)

DDoS attack

According to Webopedia a DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, normally infected through a Trojan, are used to target a single system, where the victims' systems are maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack. The incoming traffic comes from many places, sometimes hundreds or even thousands, making it difficult to distinguish between legitimate user traffic and attack traffic.

When experiencing a live DDoS attack contact us at +6(03) 7806 3550 and clearly state the issue you face, and your call will be directed to our technical team for further assistance.

If you face constant DDoS attacks please contact the EVERWORKS team (cvs@everworks.com) with documentation and proof for us so that we can take the necessary actions to protect and ensure that we reduce your losses as much as we can.

Other forms of abuse

As earlier mentioned these are just some of the frequent issues that our customers face, that we face most often. With other forms of abuse that have not been listed here, rest assured, because it all generally involves the same procedures. Send an email with a clear subject line, with a concise report to cvs@everworks.com. The EVERWORKS team will look into your complaint and look for evidence needed to take immediate action.

Work is done, even with no response

If your issues still persists and you don't feel like anything has been fixed, please first check if you have included all relevant information and evidence. Sometimes not receiving a response from the EVERWORKS team does not mean that nothing is being done, but rather than using up precious time to respond to hundreds of emails with the same abuse problem, we look to actually try to solve internally the problem that you face.

If all else fails, and you are certain that everything has been included still no progress has been made, you can always follow up with through social media on Twitter@EVERWORKS, and we will do everything we can to help.

Abuse is serious

At EVERWORKS we take abuse seriously, as it may affect not just our customers, but also our business, and all measures will be taken to ensure that the service we offer, is to the best we can, safe to use. EVERWORKS will seek the relevant consultation from authorities and legal advisors, against the abusers, if the nature of the abuse is considerably detrimental.

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