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Saturday 28 March 2015

Announcement - Planned Maintenance Notification - 6th April to 7th April 2015

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that there will be a planned maintenance activity by DiGi that will be carried out during the period indicated below:

Start date and time  : 6th April 2015 (8.00PM)
End date and time  : 7th April 2015 (12.00PM)

Activity: Data Center Relocation
Impact: CPA Production - Service running on Server Platform will be inaccessible during the 16 hours planned downtime.


1.       Will CPA store the MO and once the system is up will CPA send the MO to CP?
User will not be able to deliver MO successfully as CPA system is unavailable to accept any incoming MO , user will need to retry after maintenance window.

2.       For the MT sent from CP to DiGi, will CPA accept the MT, keep it and send the MT to user once the system is up and running?
CP will not be able to deliver MT successfully as CPA will not be able to accept any incoming MT. CP will need to observe timeout and retry after maintenance window.

3.       Is CP required to reschedule all the broadcast MT content  e.g. RENEWAL, PROMO, CAMPAIGN etc during the downtime period?
Yes. Please reschedule all your broadcast MT content e.g. renewal, promo, campaign etc after the downtime period.
                This include subscription service managed by CP. CP required to reschedule the renewal after the downtime period.

4.       What about renewal broadcast for subscription managed by CPA?
For all subscription managed by CPA, CPA will broadcast the renewal to all the subscribers after the downtime period ends (once CPA is up and running again – estimated after 12noon)
5.       What are the services impacted by this activity?
All services under CPA will be impacted (unavailable) including MVNO services (7xxxx), CPA services (3xxxx, 1xxxx), DiGi Services (2xxx and 2xxxx), Bulk/Bulk DiGi (6xxxx).

6.       What are the channels impacted by this activity?
ALL channels are unavailable including SMS, MMS, IVR, USSD, WEB, WAPPULL, WAPPUSH

7.       Will DiGi notify all the CPs once the system is up?
No. All services shall resume to normal at 12 noon, 7th April. Please refer to CPA downtime start and end.
DiGi will only notify CP if we require to extend the planned downtime period.

Contact DiGi's Fast Recovery Center if there is any issue regarding this matter, through this number +6 (016) 300 3000 - Available 24 hours.

For EVERWORKS management inquiries please email us at info@everworks.com
For EVERWORKS technical inquiries please email us at cvs@everworks.com

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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