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Thursday 6 October 2016

Website Redesign ROI

The ROI of website redesign can be hard to quantify with no concrete metric that can be used to directly relate to ROI measurement. Like any ROI the calculations are based on cost and results.


Website pricing really varies. The costs range from free DIY tools to millions of dollars for high-end digital agencies. Web designers can start low for a freelancer or expensive for a complex website from a big web development firm. Generally the price of a website relates to the amount of time it takes to create it, as there are very little or no material costs, since pixels and code aren't bought like inventory the costs are based on the estimates of time required for design, programming, communication, and license purchase.

The content (writing and images) also takes time, whether handled by the web firm or a freelance team or the company itself. This adds up to a total amount of hours that must be used multiply with the hourly rate equating to the total project fee.

Here are some of the major cost factors:

  • Project management and communication: How many people required to work on your project.
  • Design: Is this an off-the-shelf template being used or something made custom.
  • Programming: Is it a standard feature or more custom?
  • Team: Are there a lot of specialists required?
  • Content: Is it a site that requires a lot of new writing? Is there photography or video production needed?
  • CMS Platform: This isn't really a factor because different platforms can still be made use to achieve complex things. WordPress is also used for sites like CNN.com
  • Licenses: Important thing to factor in when using some features or functions or images on your site. This can incur an additional cost to the project.


There is a clear distinction between the objectives of the website where revenue generating metrics can be calculated directly from e-commerce sites or in the value of leads for a lead generation website.

There are many factors that affect the calculation for the return on investment, but generally they are:

  • The cost of creating the website
  • The cost of maintaining the website - post-launch operating expense (content marketing and advertising)
  • The traffic - number of visitors is normally a measure of a successful marketing activity not web design.
  • Conversion rate - this is a web design metric and not a marketing activity as this has an impact on conversions but together the traffic times the conversion rate equals results.
  • The website lifespan.

Just compare objectively costs and returns over a period of time to identify if the right marketing strategies are in place to drive relevant traffic for conversion to occur.

Ensure that you suffer from very little downtime to ensure that your website investment is given sufficient opportunity to display its potential conversion capabilities to your target customers here.


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