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Wednesday 6 January 2021

Why Tonality Matters in Sales

Ever been in a situation when you're caught in a heated debate, when you reflect back it's often the way you say something is often more important than what you intended to say. This principle applies to sales as well. 

It's true; the tone of your voice might actually be jeopardising your sales success. You may have put hundreds of hours into researching your market, learning your product and crafting your pitch, but if you aren't aware of what your voice conveys to your potential customers, all the effort you've put in may be for nothing.

Here's the good news. If you're consciously aware of this aspect of communication, you can make a conscious effort to improve it (and your sales) in the process.

What is tonality?

Tonality refers to the way your voice sounds when you speak. If you notice how many miscommunications happen during text conversations or email exchanges it's often caused by a misinterpretation as the receiving person can't her the tone of your voice.

Although tonality can be influenced by your mood, your surroundings and even your upbringing you have the opportunity to consciously control how your words are presented. Think you already know how you sound? Record yourself during a mock sales pitch and then prepare to be surprised. Chances are you don't even realise how you're coming across.

Why is tonality important?

Sales is the art of communicating with another person. And in business, the first sale is always to yourself, if you don't believe in what you are offering, why would anyone else believe in it?

Even if you have perfected the words for your sales pitch, your tone may and will betray you. You should sound like you care about their problems and your prospects might actually give you a chance.

Mastering your tone is an essential part of your sales pitch and once you learn to control it, you'll be on your way to better sales.

How to use the right tone in your sales presentations?

Ever attended a presentation where the presenter presented his materials in the same monotonous tone through the conversation, you'd possibly passed out from boredom. Remember you will need to vary your tone through the conversation to keep your audience engaged and hanging your every word.


Some people are born with perfect tonality, they naturally know how to just talk to people to achieve their goals. But for the majority of us practice will only make us better. Be aware of your tonality and you've already made major strides to improving your sales presentation. This is an invaluable skill that you can practice and eventually master.


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