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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Top 5 Power Sales Words That Sell

Words are your primary 'weapons' to convert your qualified prospects into customers. Words are incredibly important to salespeople. How salespeople deliver their messages and converse with their prospects can have a very dramatic effect on the outcome of the entire negotiation. Using the wrong phrase might cast a negative shadow on the proposal, while tweaking just a few words in the pitch might induce a client to buy immediately. The underlying message is extremely critical but the words used to deliver it bear similar weight. 

Here's 5 power words you can use in your sales conversations and negotiations to help you close that sale.

1. You

Selling should always be about your prospects - not about you. A simple way to make that clear is by using the word "you" as much as possible. Apply this rule everytime you are in contact with your prospect and refrain from being tempted to phrase a sentence from the perspective of your company and find a way to rework it to make your prospect the subject.

2. Value

"Customers rarely understand the features and benefits of anything you're convincing them on". They only care about the value and achieving their objectives. Skip all the features that your product has. Focus instead on the value you will create for your prospect's business.

3. And

This is a clever replacement for "but" when dealing with criticisms or objections. The but signals to the prospect that you are about to utter a statement that runs counter to what they would like to hear. And by its very nature is inclusive. 

"I see that you only have a budget of RM50,000.00 and let me tell you why our system why our system costs RM60,000.00'. 

Compared with 

"I see that you only have a budget of RM50,000.00 but let me tell you why our system costs RM60,000.00".

If you notice the use of but gives the impression that you have just bypassed the problem and make the buyer feel ignored. Wouldn't you agree that just one word can change the outcome or perception towards your sales presentation?

4. Do

Many sales experts recommend using the word "do" instead of "try". For example,

I'd like to try a way to solve your problems

Compared with

What I'll do is to research about your problem

Wouldn't you agree that the later gives your prospect a sense that you are competent and trustworthy - boosting your prospect's confidence in your ability to offer a solution to the problems that they are facing?

5. Or

Compared to presenting one proposal to a client and try giving them the option of only accepting or rejecting it. It's daunting isn't it as your odds of success are 50:50. Instead try presenting them with two or three different variations on your proposal, and suddenly you've doubled or tripled your odds of receiving a "yes". 

Therefore in negotiations don't just ask if they want to sign the contract.

Ask if which version of the available options is preferable. Try asking our of Version A, B or C which contract would you prefer to go with?


Power words are surprisingly powerful even though faint. It represents you and how you present your sales proposition differently. Pay attention to how you are presenting your message and your sales would go a long way. This isn't exhaustive as there are many other phrases and power words to be careful of. Having a grasp on these words and how to use them in your sales efforts can really pay off. Language is crucial in sales so it serves you to bolster your vocabulary with words that will elicit the right emotions from your prospects.


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