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Thursday 25 August 2016

Copy This Process to Create Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Is marketing dead?

Previously brands that have the most incentive to spend large amounts of money had the most authority in their fields and therefore, won the battle. As the world continues to grow there is a shift that today we have moved to a more customer centric are where your brand's value is determined by its ability to connect effectively with your target audience. You could win them over by going above and beyond to cater to everything they need and all of their interests.

This may sound like a win-win situation, but this proves to be extremely challenging when on a massive scale. That is why every marketer should turn to data to understand what their customers really want on a deeper more personal level.

With data you can attain basic demographical information but you could have stronger access to more valuable information like buying patterns and conversion performances on promotions and offers.

Key to your data is interpreting it in a way that brings most value to your goal. This information enriches your campaigns and makes them more pertinent to your audience.

Big Data

Big data tech is making big waves in multiple industries and there is a lot of chatter on the internet regarding this matter.

The name itself makes it feel vague and very allusive with those of us who are unfamiliar with it. In simple terms the term "big data" is actually a process of analyzing large sets of data in order to attain patterns in behavior, activities and many other important implications.

Doesn't this sound all too familiar? These data represent information that is valuable to you and the key is in analyzing those data, which we will discuss as you read along.

You should be able to see that from a marketing standpoint this is an absolute deal breaker. What if you had all the necessary information in one easy place regarding all the buying habits, trends, the likes and dislikes of a particular user segment.

ou would be able to tune all of your marketing activities to set it according to your customer needs and specify your targeting initiatives to the next level. This could give you more sales, greater loyalty and customer retention all of which are game changers your business could do with.

There are numerous case studies that show how big data has improved established businesses and this could be of help to you too.

You must be wondering by now, if big data is really helping big businesses give better insights into their customers, doesn't that mean that this will require expertise that you do not have? Good thing here is you can take advantage of big data technology providers and you can learn how below through proven strategies.

1. Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting is crucial for all expert marketers where according to Inbound Ascension efforts resulted in an increase of 7425% ROI, which shows the effectiveness of these campaigns

Results such as this increases the potential engagement and loyalty from customers and it is what makes retargeting very popular especially in the realm of ecommerce and other similar industries.

Essentially retargeting reaches out to people who have previously shown interest under specific products when you have access to valuable data such as location, interests, and which products have been looked at in the past.

2. Targeted email marketing

To bring your email marketing campaigns to the next level, keep everything mentioned above in your thoughts. All of the data collected will help you bring all the information necessary to create personas of various micro segments so that you can develop effective email campaigns specifically geared to their needs and interests in order to grab them from the beginning.

For example, you can pair all the doctors in Kuala Lumpur, or group together a bunch of teen Pokemon Go players living in Johor. You shouldn't just stop there, create emails to trigger their behavior and it should recapture disengaged customers.

Without data analytics however, creating personalized email campaigns that truly match a customer's unique preferences is nearly impossible, it becomes more of a guessing game. Having a non-stable platform to facilitate data retrieval is also a potential problem; more on this later.

3. Landing Pages

A logical user journey is a simple analogy used as a way to better understand mass user preferences. Landing pages allow you to reel customers in according to a logical user journey.

Customers connect to you through various search terms relevant to the products and/or solutions you offer and are more likely to engage with your desired call to action.

Backed with data analytics can bring this to another level. Unlike typical landing pages, targeted landing pages use data to come up with which segments of your audience is interested to come up with particular topics to meet their interests.

This way, you can target the most relevant personas for each landing page, gaining interest and more relevant prospects each time.

Infrastructure Reliability

Using data to drive your campaigns can help your marketing soar to new heights. You become more connected to your customers' needs and as a result, they are more likely to rely on your solutions for years to come. This is evident with a stable environment that facilities reliable architecture on a strong infrastructure network. It is also important to have a platform to facilitate data retrieval and with reliable hosting to keep your website up 24 hours to allow constant customer engagement.

Final thoughts

Use data to drive your campaigns.

Your marketing will be a step above generic unfocused marketing efforts. Target the most effective segments to make the most of your marketing investments and benefit through stronger ROI.

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