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Friday 30 March 2018

How You Can Be More Efficient With Email At Work

..Runs into the lift
..Rushes out to the door
beep..8:59am "phew, just on time"
Boots computer.. "first things first, gotta check email to see what's the status from Atikah and Wong"

This daily routine sounds familiar doesn't it? I'm attached to checking email constantly. This isn't surprising because email has been and continues to be the most popular form of communicating for businesses.

Times are changing, and there's an increasing amount of options for workplace communications options. Apps like Slack and Workplace by Facebook are changing the way for workplace communications. However, there are some that still prefer having a conversation in person, where apps like Skype help to streamline the distance gap.

Even with an increasing number of new technology, email isn't a thing of the past -- at least not yet --. Increasing options of communications is making it trickier to remember the right "etiquette" when emailing.

Email helps us to recap, reconcile and remember important conversations and helps to streamline when there's too much going on. Until a new more organised approach is introduced to the world and is universally accepted, email is staying, and that's why it's important to make effective use of email.

"Read on. Here's a quick and easy list of Do's and Don'ts to help you maintain effective use of email."

How to use your email in the workplace effectively

The Do's

1) Personalise

It's really important to personalize your emails, no one likes talking to a robot. You should come to realize that the person who is receiving your email is a real life human being, not a computer robot that is processing your request. Adding some personality to your email will make it easier for the person receiving it to relate better with your email's intended purpose.

2) Adapt

There's a saying that different people respond differently and these reactions are largely bound by the characteristics of the person. Here's an example, what if you sent a data focused email to someone who isn't motivated by data. This person receiving this email would not know how to adequately respond to your objective, because there's a disconnect. Learn to adapt your writing style, content body, etc. to the person receiving it. This will greatly increase your email's effectiveness.

3) Always check before clicking "send"

This should go without discussion, really. It's actually very shocking to receive an email that has not been checked. Spelling errors, and grammar mistakes are not game changers. However, if your email had been written in a manner you did not intend it to be and its been interpreted wrongly, this would demotivate the receiver from cooperating with your intentions.

4) Check your email on your own time

Like with most tasks, email shouldn't be treated any differently. Some emails are urgent and require immediate response. However, more often than not most emails can wait and I do encourage you to take the time to think carefully before responding.

5) Keep your inbox clean

It's shocking. How everyone is not making an effort to ensure that they're email inbox is sorted and kept tidy. I've witnessed the amount of wasted time anyone goes through when backtracking their email to search for urgent information. Here's how you can clean up the mess.


Email is still an important tool for business communication today. Take advantage of the sheer amount of email use everyday by implementing strategies to harness its wide user base. Learn more here.

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