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Wednesday 20 February 2019

5 Business Gift Ideas That Will Keep Your Business Top of Mind (All Year)

In line with the Chinese New Year festivities, this represents a great opportunity for your business to stay top of mind all year round. When it comes to choices, there are plenty and that doesn't end when they sign a contract with you. Customer retention is crucial to any small business in Malaysia that seeks continuous growth.

Here's the big question that most small businesses in Malaysia ask. How do you combat churn and show your customers just how much you care about their business?

Here are 3 best practices to get you started and can be a general rule of thumb whenever you're out trying to look for a perfect gift. 

  1. Personalise your gifts: Don't order the same gifts for all of your clients. Some don't like coffee, others love chocolate. Consider your champion customer's likes and hobbies and source a gift that will be meaningful to them.
  2. Don't over do it: Corporate gifting shouldn't be over the top, it should be a token of appreciation. There is a fine line here, as this could be misinterpreted as bribery, even if the initial intention isn't there.
  3. Think outside the holidays: Don't relate gifts to the holiday season. Send tokens of appreciation through the year. 

With the basics sorted, we'll go through some 5 amazing corporate gifts ideas that you can gift to your customer this year below!

1. Professional Notebooks

I don't suggest you send clients a stack of company-branded post-its. Have a nice leather-bound notebooks created in your company colors or with a subtle logo printed on the front cover.

2. Coffee Table Book

Look for books that relate to your client's city, state, industry, or personal interests. A book they'll proudly display on their desk or in the office sitting area will serve as a conversation piece for years to come -- and so will your name if you include a personalized message inside.

3. Calendars

Have company-branded calendars created by experts or source independent artists at Art Fairs like RIUH for unique calendars clients won't find at their next industry conference.

4. Portable phone charger

Portable phone charges make a great gift for customers that are always on-the-go.

5. Custom golf balls & tees

If your customers conduct most of their business on the golf course (or if this is their hobby), consider custom balls or tees branded with your logo.

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