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Sunday 3 February 2019

AEON Tebrau City: Game Taiko Delivers New Experience Through VR

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 —  

› Leonard Lim wins the Game Taiko VR Tournament. It was a close win for Leonard, as second placed Edmund came close. 

› There were in more than 160 participants playing the featured game Beat Saber.

› Game Taiko boss Zainal: “Leonard clearly demonstrated his resilience and talent at VR. This just goes to show of VR’s limitless potential. We’ve just scratched the surface of entertainment and we hope that this will be a stepping stone for the future.”

Tebrau City, 25 January 2019 —

Leonard Lim was in a class of his own during the VR Tournament. He won the competition by beating Edmund. Playing, for the first time, the VR Games developed by Game Taiko. Leonard shown resilience, and talent for VR.

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The VR Competition was held from August 2018 to January 2019 and was run to provide a new experience for the people of Tebrau City.

Jolene - Group General Manager of EVERWORKS Group of Companies, “There were many challenges on the way to making this a reality, and not only did we have to adapt to the logisitical challenges, we’re proud of being able to deliver a new experience here at AEON Tebrau City.”

Sponsors that made this tournament possible:


For the continued support towards the VR initiative, and the belief that this is the future of gaming and entertainment.

2. Game Taiko

For VR Game Development and the main Tournament Sponsors.

Game Taiko VR Tournament Top 3 Standings:

1. Leonard Lim, 399, 532 points

2. Edmund, 397, 607 points

3. Jeremy, 311, 230 points

Play VR Games at PALO, AEON Tebrau City



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