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Wednesday 27 February 2019

7 Tricks to Attract Readers to Your Business Blog

Your business blog is a goldmine, and it's something that most small businesses in Malaysia fail to take advantage off. 409 million people read blogs every month. About 5 million views per blog per month.

It's something you own and you manage, and that's priceless.

Take Facebook for example, the company is able to reject any content that you've taken sleepless nights to produce at their own discretion without any reason, but your blog is a space that you control. That means you decide what gets published and what stays unpublished.

The major factor holding your blog from exponentially performing for you is the audience you can gather. You need to share into the goldmine of blog views.

Learn 7 hints on how you can put together an out of this world strategy to build your small business blog as a go-to place for your audience. 

1. Blog consistently

Don't glut. You shouldn't blog in streaks. For example, if you post four articles and nothing for the next 2 months, your blog will go stale.

The more consistently you blog, the better your blog will be. You might consider establishing a posting schedule for consistency.  Here are some great ideas for content.

This doesn't mean that you need to devote all of your time to writing blog articles, but it is suggested that you set some time aside to blogging because it is beneficial to growing your business.

2. Conduct keyword research

It goes without saying that knowing what information people are searching for will increase your chances of your blog appearing as a thought leader. Remember, your goal is to tap into the possible 5 million viewers on the Internet already.

Incorporate keywords into your article title and interlace them throughout your blog posts. The objective is to give your blog post a better chance of ranking on search (so that people can find them easily).

3. Aim for optimized blog lengths

Articles should have quality and be detailed. Longer blog posts rank best in search.

You want your blog posts to be long enough that they can adequately deliver information to your readers.

4. Incorporate visuals

As we dive deep into the technical aspects of ensuring your blog is discovered, we often forget that in the end readers are human, and the importance of visuals should not be overlooked, because visuals help people remember better.

5. Address questions from customers

If you are facing writers block (running thin on ideas on topics you can think to write about) a great source of information is from your customers. You can tackle common questions that they have about your product / service.

Answering these questions builds trust and helps to stem doubt at the beginning when your customers first get to know your brand.

6. Invite guest contributors.

A great way to give variety on your content to your potential customers is to invite guest contributors. These can be thought leaders in an industry.

This will further solidify your blog as a place where industry expertise can be found.

7. Do a roundup of news

A great way to keep readers / customers glued to your blog is to round up and publish a monthly / weekly summary. You can include top articles your audience has been interested in the past month and summaries them.

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