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Wednesday 9 September 2020

5 Things Excel Can Solve For Your Small Business for Free

Microsoft Excel is versatile and is available on almost every computer device. Defined Excel is a business software and there's a lot of meaning to what it does. The versatility of the software is wide as there are many use cases and customised builds for different businesses. Here are some great ways for how excel can help your small business for free.

5 Ways You Can Solve Your Small Business Problems Using Excel for Free

1. Accounting

Excel can handle your company's entire accounts and is able to create balance sheets, financial statements, setting budgets, profit and loss statements, ledger entries, expense tracking, forecasting, loan calculation and more.

2. Inventory tracking

Excel can help businesses to track their inventory can keep track of physical items. Although there are complex systems and applications built specifically designed for a better equipped to handle inventory management, Excel is still a reliable, affordable option to facilitate the process. This is a greater option for startups to get off the ground quickly.

3. Compiling mailing and contact lists

Excel extends beyond number crunching as it shows a great way to store and maintain records of prospects' and customers' contact information. It has resources to manage and sort massive quantities of that kind of data for different kinds of projects, promotions or outreach efforts.

4. HR Management

Excel is an incredibly useful resource for HR managers. HR is a wide-reaching field that covers a broad, eclectic range of responsibilities. The people behind the human resources department have a lot to stay on top of. 

5. Time Logs

Excel can be used to track employees' hours is central to maintaining accountability at a company - for both management and employees alike. Excel can be an inexpensive, reliable way to ensure that the process is carried out consistently and properly.


There are a host of templates and models available for download online for free to help small businesses to conduct their day-to-day activities.


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