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Wednesday 11 November 2020

4 Ways to Create Customer Focused Content for Growth

This is the million dollar question that all both small and big businesses ask. Is there a way to win brand visibility in an ever crowded market without overspending on resources? For many companies embracing the web, content marketing is, in many ways, the most powerful opportunity to achieve growth and outshine competitors. Also new startups don't have the luxury of being unique anymore. They must be better - not just different - from competitors if they want attention and sales.

The answer is actually straightforward. Focus on customer based content for growth.

Although the concept is straightforward, gaining thought leadership in a crowded market of experts isn't easy. What's more ranking for major keywords can be challenging. For anyone embarking on this journey understand that there needs to be a level of commitment to the craft. With authority, relevance, and warmth everyone can carve their own space in the content space.

Start here.
Your customer should always be the hero of any story that you tell.

Here's how we're practicing the 4 methods during the implementation of a customer focused content.

1. Establish a voice

This is often missed out on, but the voice is everything. All successful brand voices:

  • Resonate instantly with the target audience
  • Is consistent across all channels

2. The Flywheel Effect

The best way to illustrate this is through an example. Just like a wheel would spin create a repeatable method for success.

Increase traffic to the website > Generated traffic creates demos and trials > Demos and Trials converts to sales > Sales earns brand recognition > Recognition generates more web traffic > And the cycle repeats.

3. Rank-to-Win Strategy

Here's the biggest mistake everyone makes. Don't just strive for the nuances in every blog post, but focus on filling a gap with authority and dedication. Do this knowing that it isn't the uniqueness in the content but rather the thought leadership which is focused on authority and quality content.

4. Content strategy for blog traffic.

Content marketing delivers conversions with persistence and quality - it isn't luck. Going back to the Flywheel Effect, if increasing website traffic was the goal, we knew we had to focus on producing quality and consistent content.


Creating content is the secret to unlocking customer focused growth in saturated markets. These can also be part of your greater marketing strategy as you are able to focus on buyers' needs and make prospects and customers the hero of all of your stories.


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