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Tuesday 9 February 2021

3 Creative Chinese New Year Marketing Ideas

This is the year of the ox. Happy Chinese New Year from everyone at EVERWORKS. ‘Niu’ (which is Chinese for ‘Ox’ for us non-native speakers) ushers in unconventional ways of celebrating the Lunar New Year. For many, red money packets are replaced with online transfers, family reunions are smaller and held in private, and traditional yee sang’s are delivered by Grab riders instead of waiters in restaurants. Yet despite these changes – the excitement to leave a year marred by a global pandemic remains high. While the Year of the Rat was fast, hard and active; the Chinese Zodiac foresees the year of the Ox to bring positivity, honesty and hard work. According to Chinese astrologers, the traits of the Ox, such as diligence, persistence, and altruism will be greatly rewarded in the coming year. Here are some of the ways the traits of an Ox can carry us through yet another uncertain year.

Here are 3 creative content marketing ideas to boost up your marketing campaigns

1. Encourage user-generated content

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your audiences by encouraging the to create and share festive-themed content. 

This can be a related challenge for the first Chinese New Year in Malaysia that's from home and without visitations!

If developing a website or app is beyond your budget you can try some of these ideas:

  1. Come up with a social campaign through your owned social channels or
  2. You can trigger a Chinese New Year-themed email campaign or
  3. You can plan for an SMS Marketing campaign

2. Create an Awesome Live Video

Did you know that live video is one of the biggest trends moving forward into the #newnormal?

Businesses used to deliberate the relevance of producing videos due to the heavy costs of production, but with the dawn of the internet and ever-increasing tools from apps the cost vs the popularity of video has proven to be an avenue that most businesses can explore now.

In fact, people appreciate raw, in-the-moment footage. Take that self vlogs covering everyday life to be one of the biggest trends in YouTube currently. You can show how your business is going about festivities amidst the pandemic situation. Also, a great way to showcase your company culture!

3. Provide useful content for your customers

Festivals can be stressful occassions. The 15 days of Chinese New Year, and all the preparations that lead up to it, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19. From not knowing where to get food to having to juggle the kids while working from home!

Your customers will surely appreciate the content that will make their lives easier and your customers with their Chinese New Year planning by offering tutorials, guides, and templates! You can even take it one step further by preparing custom made sets that make it easy for them to prepare for Chinese New Year.


Get creative and your customers will remember you for it. In this ever saturated advertising market place festive discounts and promotions are nice to have but predictable and not very exciting. If you want your marketing campaign to stand out this Chinese New Year, get creative and try one of these holiday marketing ideas!


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