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Saturday 20 February 2021

3 Recap Email Templates to Use After Connecting with Your Prospect

You've just had a productive call with your prospect. But what are your next steps? Do you register your meeting notes in your CRM and move on to your next task for the day?

A fundamental step in your post-call routine that you might be missing is sending a recap email. A recap email after a connection with your prospect is one way to keep the conversation/discussion you've had with your prospect at the top of your mind and reinforces the next steps in 3 important ways:

Emails crystalize the highlights of your meeting. This is a great way to reinforce the key takeaways from the meetings and increases the likelihood of the prospect remembering the main points of the discussion.

Gives you the chance to confirm the next steps. This is a great way for you to reference a specific date and time for your next meeting. This serves as a way to remind the prospect and motivates them to add this to their calender. 

Add value. You can dive deeper into your prospect's situation, goals, and pain points to get a better sense of how you can help them. Every recap message is an opportunity to provide a tip or offer a relevant resource.

3 Recap Email Templates to Use After Connecting with Your Prospect

1. Call recap

Connect calls are typically used to establish a relationship with the buyer and are relatively brief. In your follow-up email reiterate the main challenge or objective you have identified and some relevant advice. Attach a useful piece of content if you have one.

Template example:

Hi [name]

Thanks for sharing about your role at [company name] earlier today -- not to mention, speaking about [rapport building point]

To recap, you're currently [struggles to achieve what goal]. I'm suggesting [strategy or quick tip]. Here are some resources attached that cover [this topic], which may also be of help.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about this content and/or my recommendations. I'm looking forward to speaking to you again on [date and time].


[Your name]

2. Touch base recap

You're not always going to be following up with a prospect after a lengthy call or pitch meeting. However, it is still equally important to send a follow-up email after the call to answer questions or see how they're progressing in the process.

Don't skimp on these emails. Offer as much content and value as you would after a demo, and reinforce that you're always happy to answer more questions.

Template example:

Hi [name],

I really enjoyed answering your questions this morning and taking a deeper dive into how we can help you overcome [challenges discussed].

Here's [resource #1 and #2] that demonstrate how we can help you boost [goal] and solve [your challenge].

Looking forward to our next meeting on [date and time]. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.


[Your name]

3. Meeting recap

Your post-discover email should tell the buyer you're on the same page so they feel confident enough to move forward. Summarize the most important things you've learned from the conversation: their high-level challenges, the tactical suggestions you've provided and the mutually agreed-upon next steps.

Template example:

Hi [name],

Thanks for a great conversation today. We discussed the [obstacles you're facing in X area, progress you're hoping to make with Y initiative, changes you're implementing to Z], specifically:

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3

I'm linking to more information on these points and potential solutions.

As mentioned the next step is [recommendation]. I look forward to our next meeting on [date and time].


[Your name]


A concisely well-written recap email helps buyers to keep track of the main points of your sales discussion and it also looks more organised. Which may boost your prospect's confidence in you. And this doesn't take much time or money to do. Just 10-minutes to improve your prospect's sales experience with you.


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