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Friday 19 March 2021

5 Tested Tactics That'll Get People to Buy Product

Selling to people who are already interested in what you have to offer should be straightforward. These are people we call warm and they would have likely done some initial research and have more a less decided that what you have an offer can solve that. This leaves the final push to your sales team. It's the ability to answer their questions, overcome any objections they have and bringing to light the solutions you are helping them to solve.

The best salespeople know how to quickly distinguish between prospects who are interested vs. those who are uninterested, quickly. This is an entirely possible and repeatable process. With sufficient practice of relevant skills, the empathy to understand people and well thought through plan it's likely that you will be able to get people to continue to purchase from you.

In order to persuade anyone to buy from you, first solve a problem that they have. Sell how your solution can help them from their perspective, how it can provide a valuable resource and emphasize the positive experience they will encounter. There's no right balance, but there is a fair balance between logic and emotion - which will help gently move them towards a decision.

1. Sell the dream

Not everyone you sell to will be immediately captivated by the product's features. However, one thing is certain. People always care about themselves. Help them to envision what their prospects of life might be like when they purchase from you.

Let's have a look at this. "Hi! I'm Adam from Sales Group, and I sell sales training and consulting products. I'd like to introduce my services. Is this a good time?"

Compared with this. "Hi. I've got you live on my first dial, and when you hire me, I'll teach your sales reps how to do the exact same thing."

If you sell copywriting services, you might look for errors on their website and add, "As your copywriter, I'd ensure your site (and other materials) will be 100% typo-free at all times."

2. Pique their curiosity.

Here's how you can keep their attention.

At the beginning here's what our sales reps usually say, "Before I forget, I want to ask you something related to our last conversation. Let's get into the agenda now, but will you remind me?"

At the end of the call, they'd usually respond, "Hey, what was that thing you wanted to talk to me about?" or they won't mention it. This is a great way for me to know if they were engaged and present.

3. Use past successes as your guide.

Look for trends in past successes and repeat those successful approaches with future prospects. The best answers for how to sell can usually be found from the people you have already closed.

4. Enlist your prospect as a teacher.

One of the fastest ways to earn engagement and interest is to understand the fact that your prospect wants to be respected and heard. Learn the opinion of the person you're speaking with and take that opinion seriously.

If you look at it from the perspective that we generally agree that we do not speak to strangers. However, this would not be the case if a stranger approaches you to ask for help. Use this to your advantage and find a way to get them to speak.

5. Create a sense of urgency.

We don't encourage you to use scare tactics to make a sale. There are other ways you can create urgency to get your prospect to consider your offer quickly.

  • Offer a short-term discount or incentive
  • Emphasize the immediate benefit of your product
  • Communicate scarcity


Make what you sell irresistible to who you sell to. There are a few different ways to sell your products and services to people who are ready to make a decision. The common thread that ties these tactics together is usually customer empathy. Appeal to your prospect for help, and you'll satisfy their desire to be heard and earn their interest in helping you close the deal - yes, it's really that straightforward, just ask for it.


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