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Tuesday 7 December 2021

5 Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2020

When it comes to marketing tactics, unfortunately, there are no "Fixed" expiry dates. However, that doesn't mean what worked last year -- or even last week -- will work today. In fact, some of the most popular digital marketing trends have reached the end of their shelf life and are well beyond their expiration dates. 

1. Drip campaigns with no personalisation

Gone are the days where you can send out emails to a large contact list with no segmentation and personalisation. This will not work anymore moving forward.

2. Text-heavy e-books

With everyone working through their mobiles more and more gone are the days of the long-form PDFs with a lot of text. You should focus more on digital media purposed for the medium which it is being consumed from.

3. Focusing on Quantity and not Quality

The Internet is saturated with content (there's so much) but it's the quality ones that always stand out.

4. Making Scoring Leads to Complicated

You should make it easier for the engines to understand how you value a lead and where that lead will sit in the overall marketing lead generation pool.

5. Overloading on Marketing Automation

Initially intended for internal marketing activities, this has shifted to external marketing activities and brands are feeling it as it is not an entirely seamless implementation just yet. Customers are being put off by the inconvenience and hassle to interact with your business.


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