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Friday 24 December 2021

5 Ways on How to Host Virtual (or Hybrid) Holiday Parties For Your Team

The pandemic has forced the traditional holiday office party to go virtual. But things are different this year — now, a variety of workplaces include remote and in-person employees (or a hybrid of both).  So here's the challenge — how can you host a fun holiday party that satisfies everyone? What activities can you plan? What logistics are involved?  There's certainly a lot to think about, but don't stress.

1. Spreadsheet to organize your activities

Planning a virtual holiday party requires plenty of logistics. That's why you should use a spreadsheet to stay organized.

2. Make it interactive

The goal here is to be creative because virtual events might automatically feel "hands-off". There are several online games and activities you can use for your virtual holiday party.

3. Incorporate food

When hosting an in-person event, providing food is typically part of the gig. Why can't this be true of remote holiday parties too?

4. Encourage people to dress up

Holiday parties are usually fun events where everyone can dress up and celebrate. Being remote shouldn't change this — so don't ditch the ugly holiday sweater just yet.

5. Always lead with an inclusive mindset

A major obstacle with remote meetings is that it's hard to feel included.  


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